Re: ‘Prop. 19: Vote Yes’ and ‘Prop. 19: Voting No is the best choice’ |

Re: ‘Prop. 19: Vote Yes’ and ‘Prop. 19: Voting No is the best choice’

As a police officer who tried to enforce California’s failed and costly marijuana laws for almost three decades, I read with interest the debate you published about Proposition 19. I’d like to add my support for legalization and regulation.

The author of the no-on-19 piece argued the initiative wouldn’t hurt the violent cartels who control today’s black market. But in reality Prop. 19 provides a means for taking a huge bite out of the lucrative bottom lines of these bloodthirsty thugs who make 65 to 70 percent of their profits from marijuana alone. Remember, we don’t have any wine cartels or gangsters growing grapes in our national parks to undercut today’s legal market for alcohol.

The pro-prohibition writer also argued the initiative would “allow every city and county in the state to have completely different ordinances.” When did local control and adherence to community standards become problems rather than solutions? We allow cities and counties to decide what works best for them regarding everything from alcohol sales and lawn size. There’s no reason to think we can’t do it with marijuana.

When even police officers like me are stepping forward to say our marijuana laws have failed and cause immense harm, it’s definitely time for a change. Prop. 19 will protect public safety and just plain makes sense.

Norm Stamper

Eastsound, Wash.

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