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Q. What is your position on Measure D, and why?

I guess it’s easy for me to have sympathy for Measure D since it represents the promised vote our citizens never got last March (continuing or stopping Natural Heritage 2020). Unfortunately, Measure D assumes that (Robin) Sutherland and I will not win in November, but it does seek to protect us from the current board’s abuses of property rights. If we do win, we will preserve property rights, and the success or failure of the measure becomes a moot point, at least for two years, perhaps longer. Either way, I will support the will of the people.

Q. What are the critical issues in the District 3 race?

Nevada County, and District 3 in particular, is faced with a number of critical issues, but none is more important than the lack of a common vision by the elected leaders of both the city of Grass Valley and our county. Deep within this issue are growth and its effect on traffic, fire and police safety; our economic health and future of our children; and, of course, the elusive “affordable-housing” subject. Just where are we going?

Our county is in a struggle between two opposing points of view. On one hand, you have the “historical community” – the families that made Grass Valley and Nevada County the place we all love and enjoy – and those who have come here because of what the historical community produced. Unfortunately, the latter want to change it. What we need is common ground.

Q. Why should people vote for you instead of your opponent?

I see the job of supervisor as being a representative of the people. My opponent believes that the job of supervisor is to represent the government. My opponent has demonstrated his preference of big government over my free enterprise and personal responsibility approach. My opponent would have government control all means of production (fiscal and/or policy), and I prefer the entrepreneurial spirit that made our country great. Mr. Conklin will represent his agenda, I will represent the people.

Q. Where will the county be in four years, if you are elected?

The changes will only be in policy. It will take time to fix the mistakes by the current board majority. Our faltering economy and our state’s current direction, as well as the need for a proper infrastructure in our cities, will limit Nevada County’s expansion. If Mr. Conklin wins, we can count on more regulations, restrictions and ordinances directed at businesses and individual liberties. Not a very pretty picture, to say the least.

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