Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County — August 2014 |

Prowse: 100 years ago in Nevada County — August 2014

The Union photo/John Hart
John R. Hart | The Union

Robert Clapp is found guilty of the murder of A. Taylor in the Truckee train yard.

European countries gather their armies, preparing for action.

PG&E extends to customers the chance to purchase stock in that company.

August is warm and dry.

Anti-Debris commission shuts down hydrauliking in U-Bet area — muddying water in Auburn.

A good crowd from Grass Valley attended the Colfax Haymaker’s dance last night.

Germany declares war on Russia — France defiant, England aloof.

Mrs. Mary Jane Wodell — granted a divorce on grounds of cruelty and desertion.

Belgium won’t allow Germany to cross their border.

Bert Foster, speaking at Emmanuel Church, declares this will be the last war the world will see.

Dr. Jones stapled the bones in Arthur Kelly’s leg after a bad break.

Great Britain declares war on Germany over neutrality of Belgium.

A wagon hauling machinery had a brake give way on the Edwards grade — driver J. Wiggens hurt, a horse killed.

Germans hurled back by Belgians — lose 25,000 men.

Elks home in Grass Valley to be rebuilt at once.

President Wilson’s wife dies of Brights disease.

John Doltar is in the county jail for failing to provide for his children.

Ex-Oklahoma bandit Al Jennings loses in his bid for governor there. Gore was renominated for senator.

William Davis gets 90 days for burglarizing a room at the Pacific Hotel.

Peace in Mexico proves elusive.

A raid is made on the hennery of Mrs. Maggie Irish on South Auburn — 20 fowls missing.

Duels between aeroplanes and balloons usually end in both going down. So far, war in the air has little effect on the war below.

Cannery in need of workers — will run at full capacity.

Ralph Gaylord and Sam Trevithick have a narrow escape when the four-horse team ran off — one horse killed.

Wreckage from a British vessel — possible man-of-war, washed up near San Francisco. A German warship was off the coast.

John Lancaster, an Indian guarding fish for a trout bake near Truckee for the Grand Council of Redmen and Pocahontas, was murdered in a feud between Washoe Indians. The sudden loss of the fish greatly inconvenienced the lodge members.

Combined armies of France, England and Russia ready to fight Germans on Belgium soil.

Writer William Hosking and Mary Lou Werry wed at her parents’ Prospect Hill home.

Germany claims France and Belgium are organizing civilian population against them — will shoot civilians on sight if they interfere with German army.

Of 45 registered voters in Graniteville, only four women are on the rolls.

Mexico City cheers General Obergon as Cerranza prepares to assume presidency. American flag flies again.

The Forest Service is busy fighting a fire near Edwards Crossing.

Little chance that European war will involve this country.

Ed Alpers of Cherokee suicides after struggling with his niece, Vera Alpers, for a shotgun — despondency blamed.

Deep mystery at the Narrow Gauge depot. A trunk sprung open and out dripped beans! Who travels with a trunk full of beans?

Pope Pious X dies of sorrow — torn by thought of war’s slaughter.

Seven members of the Reliance Hose Company are qualified to operate their new motor truck.

Americans in Paris form a volunteer corp to fight for France, and in some measure, repay Lafayette.

M.L. O’Dell of McCourtney Road lost his arm in an auto accident while returning from a camp stew in Lincoln.

German forces overrunning Belgium.

French aviator Adolphe Pequod drops bombs, wrecks a zeppelin and then has his own machine riddled with gunfire — lands safely.

The killing of Washoe Indian John Lancaster is the outcome of a long feud. Lancaster killed a medicine man he thought was hexing his family and later killed a Piute who abused, mutilated and murdered a young girl of his tribe.

Dutch Flat post office safe blown and robbed.

Burt Hawke, trailing deer through some brush on hands and knees came upon a rattlesnake about to strike. He dodged the strike and managed to bring his gun to bear and killed the reptile.

Grass Valley High School enrolled 152 students — 10 more than last year.

Inspectors find 219 leaky water taps in Grass Valley wasting city water.

A four-horse team dashes through Grass Valley’s business district but causes little damage.

Allies faring badly in the great war — Paris goal of Germans.

L. Pardini bitten by a tarantula, had his life saved when his son quickly opened the wound with a knife and allowed the poison to flow out.

The new Henry Lobner building in Colfax has sprinklers installed on its roof — can lower interior temperature by 30 to 40 degrees.

Ten caterpillar becomes serious pest here.

In New York, a mother cat, its kittens drowned, went out and brought back three baby bunnies, which she guards ferociously, even driving off two rabbits — presumably the parents — who appeared in the yard.

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