Property rights group mails latest volley in NH 2020 battle |

Property rights group mails latest volley in NH 2020 battle

A property rights organization mailed its third missive last week decrying the county’s embattled long-term planning program, Natural Heritage 2020.

“NH (Natural Heritage) 2020 forces more government controls and restrictions on all private property uses,” said the flier produced by Citizens for Property Rights in Nevada County. One side of the flier is two forms that recipients may fill out. One form is designed to be sent to county officials opposing surveys or mapping of their property; the second asks recipients to send money to CPR-INC.

More than 13,000 fliers were mailed, public relations outreach coordinator Bill Weismann said.

About 1,000 fliers were mailed to property owners of developed land of 20 or more acres, said Darlene Moberg, secretary for the nonprofit organization.

Another 9,000 fliers were mailed to owners of one to five acres of developed land, she said. About 3,400 fliers were mailed to owners of undeveloped parcels one to five acres, Weismann said.

The organization used a real estate database to identify land owners, she said.

The groups were those not previously targeted in similar fliers the organization mailed out in May and August, Moberg said.

At one point, the CPR-INC flier states that “no vote on Placer County’s program was offered, only two measures about funding the program.”

In the November 2000 election, Placer voters faced two measures, V and W. They approved an advisory measure supporting an open-space program, 56 percent to 44 percent, but voted overwhelmingly against paying the quarter-of-a-cent tax proposed to fund it in a separate measure.

Steve Enos, Sierra Business Council’s project coordinator for NH 2020, decried each of the seven criticisms listed in the flier and urged people to study recommendations from two subgroups working on NH 2020 that were recently released.

“I’m confident that anyone who takes the time to read the recommendations will see that they are about enhancing natural resources,” Enos said. “What you will see is an integrated approach to balancing assets and needs for the next 20 years and the next 50,000 people.”

In response to the fliers’ criticisms of the relationship between the nonprofit council and the county, Enos said that “public/private partnerships are a good thing that allows taxpayers to leverage their tax dollars.”

Copies of the recommendations are available at the county and Grass Valley libraries’ Web site, and on The Union’s Web site.

The Web site at listed in the flier is not currently operational because the site is under construction, Moberg said.

The organization plans to endorse Drew Bedwell, NH 2020’s earliest and most vocal critic, and candidate for county supervisor in District 3.

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