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Political races set for November in Nevada County

Alan Riquelmy and Liz Kellar
Staff Writers

The Centennial Dam project likely will loom over the races for two of three contested seats on the Nevada Irrigation District’s board of directors.

Candidates for offices in which the incumbent isn’t running had until 5 p.m. Wednesday to declare. That included two seats on the water district.

Ricki Heck, who’s penned letters to the editor critical of how the district has handled the dam project, is running unopposed for the Division I seat. Incumbent Nancy Weber isn’t running for re-election.

Heck waited at the Nevada County elections office in the moments before the candidate declaration period ended Wednesday. She said the Centennial project is more complex than merely “for” or “against.”

“I don’t believe that NID has yet made the case for building the dam,” Heck said. “I would like to see NID halt the purchasing of properties, specifically in the Bear River Canyon.”

Bruce Herring and Chris Bierwagen are running for the Division II seat. Incumbent John Drew isn’t seeking re-election.

Herring also has written letters to The Union critical of Centennial. In one letter he said he’d put more attention toward studying alternatives to the project.

Bierwagen couldn’t be reached for comment.

The third seat represents a division of the water district that lays in Placer County. Incumbent Will Morebeck is running against Laura Peters.

“Taxpayers and NID customers must evaluate the risks NID is taking and how the board manages its financial health,” Peters said in a June statement. “Doing things the way we have always done them may not meet future goals.”

Grass Valley City Council

There were no last-minute entries in the Grass Valley City Council race.

Candidates had until 5 p.m. Wednesday to declare for the office, a deadline that was extended five days after incumbent Jason Fouyer did not file.

City Clerk Kristi Bashor said Wednesday morning that she had verified the required signatures for the four candidates who had previously filed their paperwork.

Ben Aguilar, Bob Branstrom, Hilary Hodge and Steven Slack are in the running for two seats.

Aguilar, a former planning commissioner, is running for the first time since being appointed to the council in 2015. Branstrom, a retired research analyst, has been active as a volunteer in numerous local organizations. Hodge ran for Nevada County supervisor against incumbent Dan Miller in June, losing by just 160 votes.

Slack is a physician whose family has ranched in Nevada County for 28 years. He purchased a home in Grass Valley two years ago to be closer to his parents, he said.

Slack said he is running for a council seat to bring “creative, pragmatic, and collaborative solutions to the governance of our community,” and listed economic development, quality of life and public safety issues as priorities.

Other races

Other offices up for election this November include:

Nevada County Board of Education

Area 1: Paula Sarantopoulos

Area 1: Katharine Wanamaker

Area 2: John V. “Jack” Meeks, Heino L. Nicolai

Nevada Joint Union High School District

Area 1: Linda Campbell (I), James Hinman

Area 5: Sonia Delgadillo, Patricia Seeley (I)

Grass Valley School District – 3 seats

Andrea M. Aanestad Bradley

Donald Branson

Jeanne Michael (I)

Lisa Jarvis (I)

Chicago Park School District – 3 seats

Will Arcand (I)

Dustin Mooers

Pleasant Ridge Union School District – 3 seats

Angela Giordano (I)

Kelly McKinley (I)

Deanne Opdahl (I)

Tahoe Truckee Unified School District

Area 1: Kim Szczurek (I)

Area 4: Gaylan Larson (I)

Nevada City School District – 3 seats

Sandy Hakala (I)

Seth Leishman (I)

Jennifer Singer (I)

Clear Creek Elementary School District – 2 seats

Tania Fisher (I)

Bart Riebe (I)

Twin Ridges Elementary School District – 5 seats

Malik Goodman (I)

Hilary Hulteen

Rachel Kozloski (I)

Melinda “Mindi” Morton (I)

Union Hill School District – 3 seats

Matthew Larson (I)

Leslie Lattyak (I)

Penn Valley Union Elementary School District – 3 seats

Teresa Eckerling

Michael Hodson

Robert Moen (I)

Kyle Whitman

Higgins Area Fire Protection District – 3 seats

John Boykin Jr. (I)

Nevada County Consolidated Fire Protection District – 3 seats

Barry Dorland (I)

Keith M. Grueneberg (I)

David Hanson (I)

North San Juan Fire Protection District – 3 seats

Bruce Boyd (I)

Freya Johnson (I)

Tim Tschantz

Ophir Hill Fire Protection District – 2 seats

Buckley Armacher (I)

Eric Peterson (I)

Peardale-Chicago Park Fire Protection District – 3 seats

David Collins (I)

Charles Hooper (I)

Robert Paulus (I)

Penn Valley Fire Protection District – 2 seats

Bruce Puphal

Mark Schaefer

Bruce Stephenson (I)

Rough and Ready Fire Protection District – 3 seats

Arthur Grosse (I)

Thomas Nelson

Gregory Osborne (I)

Truckee Fire Protection District – 4 seats

Gary Botto (I)

Victor Hernandez (I)

Erin Prado (I)

Paul Wilford (I)

Bear River Recreation and Park District – 3 seats

Cindy Latimer

Oak Tree Park and Recreation District – 3 seats

Carole Chadima (I)

Tracy Corris (I)

Richard Michael Travers (I)

Truckee Donner Recreation and Park District – 4 seats

Robert “Jason” Hansford (I)

Dan Kates (I)

Jon Mon Pere

Kristin York (I)

Western Gateway Recreation and Park District – 3 seats

Lisa Thomas

Beyers Lane Community Service District – 3 seats


Lake of the Pines Ranchos Community Service District – 3 seats


Mystic Mine Road Community Service District – 1 seat

Lynne DeHart-Duston

Donner Summit Public Utility District – 2 seats

Phil Gamick (I)

Alex Medveczky (I)

Truckee Donner Public Utility District – 2 seats

Christa Finn

Ali “Kaveh” Mansoor

Paul Warmerdam (I)

Tahoe Forest Hospital District – 3 seats

Mary G. Brown (I)

Dale Chamblin (I)

Charles Zipkin (I)

Truckee Sanitary District – 3 seats

Jerry Gilmore (I)

Nelson Van Gundy (I)

Kurt Smart

Ron Sweet (I)

Truckee Tahoe Airport District – 2 seats

Mary Heatherington

Joseph W. Lorenz

San Juan Ridge County Water District – 2 seats


Washington County Water District – 2 seats


Sierra Joint Community College District

Area 2: None

Area 6: Nancy Palmer (I)

* (I) incumbent

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