Plans under way to corral errant buffalo |

Plans under way to corral errant buffalo

A buffalo cow and her 1-year-old calf were still on the lam Tuesday, but plans were being laid to corral the pair.

“We’re working with the owners and trying to determine where they’re staying,” said Nevada County Animal Control Officer Shirley Falls, adding the pair seemed to have returned more than once to a pond on Wolf Creek Road.

“We’re going to try to put food by the pond to get them to stay there and tranquilize them,” Falls said.

Falls was trying to track down a ranch on Garden Bar Road that reportedly has a buffalo herd in the hope the owners would agree to take in the escapees.

Owner Gary Dugger said his bull died from parasites two weeks ago and, since then, the cow “started going crazy.”

“She needs to be with other buffaloes,” Falls said.

The two bison, accompanied by a guard donkey, escaped from their enclosure on Dog Bar Road Saturday; the donkey was recaptured after the animals were spotted on Tiger Tail and Buck Ridge roads.

The buffalo were spotted at the pond on Wolf Creek Road and on Lodestar Drive on Monday, but attempts to corral them have so far proved fruitless.

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