PG&E lineman holiday hero for felines |

PG&E lineman holiday hero for felines

A PG&E linesman attempts to help two cats who are stranded on the top of a power pole.
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After observing two beautiful tuxedo cats stuck high atop a high-voltage power pole in her rural neighborhood for two days, Garden Bar Road resident Kate Brennan decided that she had to try to help them.

Brennan suspects the two felines had been chased up the 50-foot pole by a predator, possibly a coyote.

“I called PG&E to see if they did rescues,” Brennan said. “The dispatcher I reached must have been a cat lover because she took the cats’ plight seriously and said she’d have someone out there right away.”

According to Brennan, the PG&E representative told her they wanted to try to rescue the cats before they fell onto the line and shorted it out.

A lineman subsequently appeared at the power pole in question Wednesday, ready for hazardous duty, Brennan said.

“He was such a good sport,” she said. “He said he had never rescued a live cat before.”

The lineman — whom Brennan called her “holiday hero” — quickly saw what needed to be done, got suited up, fashioned an extension tool with a hoop on it to try to lasso the cats and went up in the bucket.

“He reached for cat No. 1 with the extension pole and hoop, and the cat decided not to wait around to see what he was up to,” Brennan said. “Instead, he chose to bail out.”

The cat scurried down the pole a few feet, then set sail and landed safely on the ground, she said.

“Cat No. 2 was a little more reluctant to leave, but after being prodded with the hoop, he accepted his fate and followed No. 1’s example,” Brennan said. “He flew down and both cats scored perfect 10s for their landings on all four paws.

“They appeared unhurt as they dashed off into the bushes,” she added. “However, they might have had some sore knees and elbows later on.”

Brennan said she went out of her way to thank the lineman — who asked not to be identified — for being so brave.

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