Pet calendar created to raise funds for shelter |

Pet calendar created to raise funds for shelter

Shanel, Sunny, Chester and Jeeves ended up at the Nevada County Animal Shelter with little hope of making it out alive.

The dogs stood a slim chance of being adopted, considering the condition they were in, said shelter volunteer coordinator Cheryl Wicks.

Shanel, a pit bull, had a terrible skin condition.

Sunny, a yellow lab, had lock jaw and would have died without treatment.

Chester, a Australian terrier mix, had an infected leg, which required $400 worth of surgery.

Jeeves’ head was swollen to twice its normal size.

After some treatment and veterinary care, Wicks said Jeeves became a beautiful, adoptable dog.

“No one would have adopted Jeeves with the infection in her head,” Wicks said. “There’s no question in my mind that every single one of these dogs would have been put down if the volunteers hadn’t coughed up some money to take them to the vet and get them fixed up.”

Wicks said the county will pay up to $50 for the treatment of sick and injured animals brought to the shelter.

“Often times, by spending just a little more, an animal can be made eligible for adoption,” she said.

Vet bills paid by shelter volunteers for Shanel, Sunny, Chester and Jeeves, however, added up to more than $600.

To defray the cost and help more animals that come to the shelter in dire straits, Wicks created a calendar featuring some dogs that have been adopted from the shelter this year.

“Proceeds from the pet calendar will allow us to spend a little more on the animals that come to the shelter in bad shape so they can be adopted into good homes,” Wicks said.

To get the calendar, call Wicks at 272-8833. A $20 donation is requested.

“Every single penny will go for the good of the animals,” she said.

In September, Wicks dished out $678 from her own pocket to pay vet bills for a dog that shelter volunteers named Teddy.

Teddy was brought to the shelter with a mangled left hind leg after being hit by a car.

Wicks said Teddy was taken to Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic, where he was stabilized then brought back to the county shelter.

“They gave him fluids because he lost quite a lot of blood and wrapped up his leg,” Wicks said. “But his leg was still mangled, and

he needed more medical care.”

Wicks took Teddy to Pine Creek Veterinary Clinic in Grass Valley, where it was determined that the dog’s leg would have to be amputated. Hence, the $678 bill.

During this time, Teddy’s owner, David Groulx, was frantically searching for his dog, whose actual name is Q.

But Groulx wouldn’t learn of his dog’s fate until weeks later.

Soon after his dog came up missing, Groulx began putting up posters and went to the county animal shelter looking for him.

“But I didn’t realize Q was there because he was in quarantine” due to his injury, Groulx said.

To make a long story short, Groulx and Q were eventually reunited.

“A lot of people with good will came together to save my dog and bring him back to me,” Groulx said.

Now he’s “paying back” in more ways than one.

“Cheryl is letting me make payments, which is nice because ($678) is a big lump sum,” he said.

Groulx has also agreed to foster dogs at the county shelter until good homes can be found.

“I think it’s a great thing to do because it gives someone who’s lost their dog a little more time to reclaim their pet, even when they may have lost hope,” he said.

The moral to the story, Groulx said, is don’t give up hope if your pet is lost.

“Keep looking,” he said. “Put up posters, make calls.”

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