Pending charges await man convicted in Nevada County on child sex accusation |

Pending charges await man convicted in Nevada County on child sex accusation

Jerry Mattson

Attorneys say they’ll spend the next several weeks researching the law in the child sex case of Jerry Mattson before deciding what steps to take in another set of accusations against him.

Mattson, convicted last month on a count of continuous sexual abuse, appeared Friday in Nevada County Superior Court. Facing a maximum 16-year prison sentence on his November conviction, Mattson is scheduled for a Jan. 19 sentencing on those charges.

The 27-year-old Mattson, however, has another set of child sex accusations against him that remain pending.

It’s expected that at his Jan. 19 sentencing attorneys will discuss how they’ll handle his other, pending accusations of continuous sexual abuse and lewd and lascivious acts against a child.

“We’re continuing to negotiate, but that’s literally as far as it’s gotten,” Deputy District Attorney Jesse Wilson said.

It’s unknown if prosecutors will bring Mattson to trial on his pending charges. Wilson said he must research the law to determine if a conviction on those charges would require a consecutive sentence to any prison time he’ll face for his November conviction. That answer likely will play a role in what direction the case takes.

Mattson, who remained Friday in custody, was convicted on a count of continuous sexual abuse after a five-day trial.

That trial involved one victim only. His pending charges involve a separate person.

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