Parking expansion underway in Nevada City |

Parking expansion underway in Nevada City

Nevada City added 10 new parking spaces in the downtown historic district this summer, and plans are in place to add an additional 14 this month.

The new spaces are the first steps in Nevada City’s “ParkEasy” project — an effort to address a shortage of parking spaces for residents and visitors downtown during busy times.

Four spaces previously designated for truck loading were re-striped and converted to parking spots on Spring Street and six truck loading spaces were converted to parking spots on Broad Street.

“We have a lot of truck unloading,” said City Engineer Bryan McAllister. “Not everybody is going to agree with taking away those spaces, but we felt we had enough.”

This month, construction crews will add an additional 14 parking spots on Coyote Street, which will allow cars to park perpendicular to the street.

— Matthew Pera

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