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Other Voices: Pipe dreams and meddlers

I see NID is seeking $7.8 million to remove mercury from Combie Reservoir. It’s too bad the environmentalists had gold dredging banned, because us gold dredgers could remove the heavy liquid metal for free that usually carries gold, called amalgam.

But the “experts” think spending millions for their “cutting edge science” is the answer. It’s an environmentalist pipe dream that mercury can form toxic methylmercury in the food chain.

That is quite a stretch that pregnant women who eat tainted fish can pass it on to their un-born children.

Have you ever read what the harmful effects of nicotine, alcohol and other prescription drugs does to un-born children? Remember the thalidomide children?

We are not in Japan where they eat all kinds of bottom-feeding scavenger fish, based on deaths in the 1950s and 1960s, where their diet of fish is a staple like rice and seaweed (sushi).

It is also a pipe dream that gold dredging “stirs up” mercury and “disturbs” the “green sturgeon” and “Chinook salmon.” This mercury scare is akin to global warming, cow flatulence and hot air out of Al Gore’s mouth, costing taxpayers (sovereign citizens) billions and lost liberty. That only benefits the elite class.

I also see on TV that President Obama is seeking “ideas” on ways to shove his new world order health care bill down our throats, all 2,700 pages of it, so 30 million illegal aliens in America can get free health care and abortions, that us (taxpayers) will be paying for. Say, I have an idea, why don’t they start obeying the Constitution, that they both the Republicans and Democrats took an oath to uphold and protect? Besides, the government has no business in health care (the private sector), auto corporations, education, etc. Everything the government touches turns to manure, not gold.

Since the governator signed the gold dredging ban, the guys at Pioneer Mining Supply in Auburn told me that gold dredge sales are non-existent. I wonder how many workers got laid off when Keene Engineering and other mining suppliers closed their doors? Smart, real smart. Thanks a lot Arnold, you just terminated yourself.

James L. Butler lives in Smartsville.

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