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Other Voices: Drilling What’s quick, easy may not be best

For those who are calling for drilling, versus conservation, I would like to suggest that you do your homework before jumping to what looks like a quick and easy solution.

Because we are a culture of quick and easy solutions, we have truly created issues both economically (quick let’s buy our house with no money down), our environment (let’s just clear cut our timber … it will grow back in 100 years).

This is not a political issue anymore, not just the tree huggers or the liberals. It is about survival for us and the generations to come. Once again, we are buying into what appears to be a quick solution to our energy crisis.

Drilling is not even quick and easy:

• We are at peak oil now, meaning we are running out of oil. And drilling more oil simply reduces the levels of oil that are being depleted.

• Drilling oil will not touch our current crisis for at best five years.

• That oil will go on a world market and because of the demand worldwide it will sell to the highest bidder.

• Therefore, drilling is just further assurance that the oil companies will squeeze the last dime out of the wells, while ensuring that our grandchildren will be left a life build on resources that will no longer be available.

We have been warned for 40 years of this time. We have been told it was critical the last 10 years. And yet the auto industry felt as long as people were buying the high-performance, low-mile per gallon cars they were going to build them. Now we have an industry being crippled by their own short-sightedness.

Some 40 years ago, a large group of us in the Bay Area started carpooling, buying our food through cooperatives, turned our lights out and, when possible, went solar. It created community, consciousness and caring for the planet and our future. Not a bad choice even now. Better late then never.

Marilyn Nyborg lives in Grass Valley.

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