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On the Course

Yes, it is one of my favorite Westerns, but it is also the theme for the day as well. The Good is the project in place on Hole #3.

We are working in cooperation with our neighbors to the east there in removing some of the 100+ foot pine trees.

This action in itself should definitely help the overall health of the third putting green and its surrounds by getting more hours of direct sunlight on the putting surface.

Putting greens need at least eight hours of sunshine to sustain themselves. Anything less than that and they cannot produce enough energy to keep up with the demands that we put on them.

Compare #3 to my favorite green, #15, which basks in uninhibited solar radiation all day long.

The other three stepchildren, greens #2, #8, and #9, are looking less healthy now that the sun is lower in the sky.Again, I believe they are sun-starved, but not as much as #3 green was.

In the short term, I will have to raise the height of cut a bit to get more leaf surface as we continue to spike the surface andoverseed these greens.

Overseeding is the introduction of new seeds to help improve density. You may have noticed that we overseeded the tee boxes to improve them going into the winter months.

The Ugly part of this episode is the fact that we have a “tagger” in our neighborhood. This individual is spray painting graffiti on our cart paths. All of my golf course view residents should call Security immediately if they hear voices, or see any kind of flashlights on the course at night. Nothing of any good will come from people being on the golf course after dark.

“Did someone say that they saw a mountain lion out there as well?”

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