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Obesity versus transfat, salt, hate

Obesity versus

transfat, salt, hate

I am thankful that food manufacturers and restaurants are using transfat-free cooking oil, but there is also another contribution to weight gain and that is salt, found in just about all kinds of foods except in raw meat and vegetables.

Another cause of obesity is hate, brought on by thin people because you’re different and your digestion system doesn’t work properly.

I had my right hip replaced in 1995 and my left hip replaced in 1996 at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital. I was up to 320 pounds when I came in each time.

Each time I came out of the hospital, I was down to 260 pounds. I asked the doctors and nurses, what’s your secret? The foods had no fat, no salt.

Years before, back in October 1991, four months before my dad’s death, a homecare nurse came over and inspected the foods in the refrigerator. With a plastic bag she pulled out some bacon, salami and other foods that were high in salt and told me and my brother, “Your father cannot eat that. It’s bad for his heart.”

Food manufacturers and restaurants should not only do away with transfat, but also salt, the biggest destroyer of the heart and one of the contributors to obesity.

Skinny people should learn to accept fat people, single people, lonely people, for who they are and what they are. I am speaking to two grocery stores in Grass Valley and a local postmaster who called a cop on me because they thought I was a criminal, which I am not, but a victim of slander.

After all, we are all stuck here, so we can all get along?

I have feelings too, and I am a loving and caring person.

Paul Andrew Pease

Grass Valley

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