New Nevada County HR Director starts Jan. 29 |

New Nevada County HR Director starts Jan. 29

Submitted to The Union

Seth Schapiro will start as Nevada County’s Director of Human Resources later this month on Jan. 29.

Seth has over 30 years of experience in labor relations and organizational development, including over 17 years as the head of Human Resources for a labor organization. As a consultant for both private and governmental agencies, Seth has diagnosed organizational needs and the strategic steps to implement change.

He has been hired to facilitate negotiations, and help the county continually improve its effectiveness.

Seth has developed programs and conducted trainings for over 5,000 employees in areas such as communication, strategic planning, negotiation training, and employment law training.

Seth’s experience has shown that both transparency and collaboration are core ingredients to a successful human resources and labor relations system. He holds a degree from UC Berkeley and is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources.

In addition to his certification and education, Seth is a trained mediator and facilitator.

Source: Nevada County

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