New Grass Valley store caters to ‘preppers’ |

New Grass Valley store caters to ‘preppers’

“Be prepared” is becoming more than just a Boy Scout motto. Preppers, individuals or groups that are readying their homes and supplies in case of natural disaster, financial collapse, or even Armageddon, are heeding the motto as well.

“Prepping is being prepared for the unknown,” said Brent Cassel, part owner of Team Three Tactical and Survival. “In this county, it’s mostly the weather.”

Cassel started the business, which opened its doors June 2, along with his fiancee Erin Hart and future brother-in-law, Ben Nix.

Cassel said that there are many people in the area that like to go back to the land, and his business carries the supplies that make that possible.

“We’ve gotten hooked up with a lot of great suppliers,” he said.

Specializing in tactical, survival gear, camouflage, and more, Cassel said they “can get anything from matches to armored vehicles, depending on a person’s needs.”

The business has knives, Tasers, and other personal protection gear, including aluminum pens that can be used for defense. Team Three is also in the process of getting a federal firearms license. Cassel said that getting the license is a long process, but he expects to receive it in about six months.

They’re also focused on food supplies. Cassel is the son of Paulette, of Paulette’s Country Kitchen, so he said that carrying good food is important to him. Team Three carries three day packs as well as freeze dried food from Mountain House.

Cassel said that they can also special order items that aren’t in the store.

“Preppers are actually the best thing for society … because they are prepared,” said Doug Hoffman of Sierra School of Survival.

Hoffman made an appearance on the National Geographic Channel’s “Doomsday Preppers” during the show’s last season.

“When disasters happen, preppers are the best thing because they’re not draining the supply for others,” he said.

Hoffman teaches prepping classes all over the United States. He said he loves California and calls a 300 acre ranch in Placerville home. He teaches monthly survival classes out on the ranch that are booked out six months in advance.

“Prepping is about you having enough water and food for your family,” he said.

He recommended buying only whole foods for storage, like bags of beans and canned goods. He said to double-up when visiting a store – instead of buying one can of tomato soup, buy two.

Hoffman also said that he’s telling his students to have everything prepared for a disaster by the fall of 2012.

“This is not going to be the same country come Christmas of 2013,” he cautioned.

Cassel said that his business is focused on helping to keep one’s self and family safe.

“We’re trying to supply people that are preparing for snow storms all the way up to Doomsday,” he said.

“I do think that people should have some preparation for everyday life,” he added.

By opening up his store, Cassel is hoping to keep the business personal and local. He wants it to be a meeting place for like-minded individuals to share ideas.

“It’s good to be prepared,” he said.

Mellisa Hannum is a freelance writer and blogger in Nevada City. She can be reached at

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