Nevada Irrigation District moves forward with Raw Water Master Plan update |

Nevada Irrigation District moves forward with Raw Water Master Plan update

The Union staff

The Nevada Irrigation District has scheduled a special meeting of its board of directors at 9 a.m. on Sept. 6, to have a facilitation workshop and to select a facilitator to support the district’s update to its Raw Water Master Plan.

The plan will identify the community’s future water needs and propose alternatives to meet the demands of the next 50 years.

According to the water district, Sierra snowmelt provides its water supply. The raw water is collected from a high mountain watershed, stored for a period of time in the district’s 10 reservoirs and then released into a 414-mile long canal system that brings the water to customers.

The goal of the Raw Water Master Plan update is to identify a community vision for the district’s service area and customers and present a plan to achieve that vision, according to the release. Issues to addressed will include water demand reduction, watershed improvement, storage enhancement and canal lining.

During the meeting, NID directors will select the facilitating firm and technical firm that will guide the update process.

The process will take about two years to complete and include an advisory committee of community members who will help develop alternatives that directors will discuss and select.

The facilitator will provide guidance during all advisory committee meetings and technical meetings, and also provide community outreach services. The first steps will be the development of the advisory committee’s charter. This will develop the structure of the committee for community review and board approval.

The proposed time line will have the advisory committee set up this fall, working on an analyses of water supply and demand within the district.

Next year, the advisory committee will refine the Raw Water Master Plan based on board of directors’ questions and responses. By mid-2020, the board will approve the updated plan

The special meeting will be at 9 a.m. Sept. 6 in the district’s board room, 1036 West Main St., Grass Valley.

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