Nevada County STEAM Expo continues to inspire young minds (VIDEO) |

Nevada County STEAM Expo continues to inspire young minds (VIDEO)

(Source: Juan Browne)

The Nevada County Science, Technology, Engineering Art, and Math, also known as STEAM, Expo went off without a hitch Saturday for Nevada County School’s second annual alternative to the normal science fair.

Robots of all shapes and sizes could be seen traversing mazes, throwing balls at targets, and even wrestling each other.

Hundreds of attendees roamed the science exhibits while music from the Music in the Mountains Youth Orchestra filled the air. When the orchestra wasn’t playing, students attending the expo were allowed to try and play some of their many instruments, including drums, brass instruments, reed instruments, and even an accordion.

All around the expo young students could be seen inspiring themselves with new ideas and a better a understanding of how the things that make our world around us, operate.

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