Nevada County residents rally at Rood for gun control |

Nevada County residents rally at Rood for gun control

Itara O'Connell, dressed up as Rep. Doug LaMalfa, with Carol Turner, during a protest against lax gun laws at the Rood Center Wednesday.
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A field representative for Congressman Doug LaMalfa was a no-show.

But more than 80 Nevada County residents were undeterred, rallying in front of the Rood Center Wednesday afternoon to show their support for stricter gun control.

Regan Gere, one of the coordinators for Indivisible Gold Country, had arranged to meet with Lisa Mara, the district supervisor for LaMalfa’s Auburn office.

As Gere explains it, Mara had told her that there was only room for two people to attend the meeting, set to take place in the Providence Room of the Rood Center. In the wake of the Lakeland shooting last week, more people expressed their interest in attending and said they would stand outside with signs, Gere said.

On Tuesday, Gere got a call from a LaMalfa staffer canceling the meeting.

“She said they were too busy,” Gere said, adding that she was told to call back to re-schedule.

“They’re avoiding having to be confronted,” said Lee Zasloff, co-coordinator of the Indivisible group. “They’re canceling meetings, they took down the sign to their office.”

Gere said Indivisible Country decided to forge ahead with a rally anyway, to show their support for sensible gun safety regulations.

LaMalfa is being targeted because of his connection to the National Rifle Association, she said, citing a Sacramento Bee article that listed LaMalfa as receiving $13,000 from the NRA. Gere also highlighted his sponsorship of a concealed carry bill.

Many at the rally vowed to unseat LaMalfa, with some holding up a giant banner that read “Never Re-elected Again.”

“I’m supporting all the young kids who are being killed by these weapons,” said Leonard Di Franco. “We need better background checks. It’s way out of control. We don’t need assault weapons out on the streets.”

Amanda Wilcox, who has been a tireless advocate against gun violence with her legislative work for the Brady Campaign since her daughter, Laura, was gunned down in 2001, was on hand to document the rally.

“This is good,” Wilcox said. “LaMalfa needs to hear this. People are outraged. Thoughts and prayers are not enough.”

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