Nevada County officials: We won’t meet March date for new marijuana ordinance |

Nevada County officials: We won’t meet March date for new marijuana ordinance

Nevada County officials say they won’t have a permanent grow ordinance ready by March, citing the added citizen’s panel meetings and scope of changes to the existing ordinance as reasons for the delay.

The community advisory group, initially scheduled to have eight meetings, had a ninth this month and now is expected to hold a 10th on Dec. 19, in response to the panel’s request to see a report compiled by MIG, Inc. — the county’s cannabis consultant — before it reaches the Board of Supervisors.

MIG will follow the final advisory panel meeting with a Jan. 9 presentation to supervisors. At that meeting it will submit its report, which will include the panel’s recommendations for a new grow ordinance.

Supervisors had expressed hope the new ordinance, based on the panel’s recommendations, could be in place by March. A statement released Friday states that deadline won’t be met.

“There are several factors and decision points that have, or will, affect the timeline,” the release states. “The delay and addition of CAG meetings. The scope of changes to the current ordinance, as recommended by the (advisory panel), and subsequent environmental review requirements.”

State agencies won’t provide cannabis licenses in areas that forbid marijuana activity. Nevada County’s ordinance currently allows no commercial cannabis.

County staff on Jan. 9 will ask supervisors for input about which panel recommendations to include in the new, draft ordinance. Various factors — like commercial activity, grow size and zoning — will determine how much environmental review is needed, the release states.

“Most likely, a consultant will need to be contracted with in order to complete the environmental review as efficiently as possible,” it continues. “These decision points will determine the timeline for the new ordinance implementation.”

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