Nevada County officials examining proposals for animal shelter |

Nevada County officials examining proposals for animal shelter

Sammie's Friends resident feline, Yuba, greets visitors at Sammie's Cat House Thursday morning at the no-kill shelter that has been operating as the county's animal shelter since 2010. The organization's contract with Nevada County is up on June 30.
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Nevada County authorities are reviewing two proposals related to the operation of its animal shelter, and could present a new contract to the Board of Supervisors for approval next month.

Sammie’s Friends, the current operator of the animal shelter, and Placer County submitted plans in response to Nevada County’s request for proposals — the start of the formal procedure that will determine who gets the next contract to run the animal shelter.

Sammie’s Friends proposes to continue operating the shelter, though it wants additional county funds.

Placer County’s offer is limited in scope. Its proposal offers the Auburn shelter as an additional spot for Nevada County to adopt out animals. Placer authorities say they have no intention of trying to oust Sammie’s Friends.

“The current contract runs through June, so they have some time,” said Stephen Monaghan, director of Nevada County’s Information and General Services Department.

Cheryl Wicks, cofounder and president of Sammie’s Friends, said she believes her organization can perform the best job. However, more county funds are needed.

Wicks declined to say how much more her group requires.

According to Wicks, the county provides $380,000 a year to the animal shelter. Sammie’s Friends provides an additional $380,000.

“We want to continue to run the shelter, because we’ve done a really good job,” Wicks said.

Sammie’s Friends’ first contract to operate the shelter lasted from 2010 to 2013. It then agreed to a five-year contract, which expires June 30.

Wesley Nicks, Placer County’s director of Environmental Health and Animal Services, said he intended to start a conversation by submitting a proposal.

That proposal suggests Sammie’s Friends could transfer animals to Nicks’ Auburn facility, providing another spot for adoptions, Nicks said.

“It basically offered them a venue,” he added. “We’ve got a pretty high success rate with adopting. We can negotiate. If we can help them, we’re willing to.”

Nicks praised Sammie’s Friends. Wicks said she’s previously worked with Placer County.

“Maybe we could expand it and do even more with them,” she said.

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