Nevada County judge could close doors in murder case |

Nevada County judge could close doors in murder case

Daniel Devencenzi

A man once accused of murder in connection with a fatal shooting at a marijuana grow is expected to testify today behind closed doors.

Prosecutors want Daniel Devencenzi, 33, to testify in the murder case of Finley Fultz, 28, before the younger man’s September trial. Prosecutors have said Devencenzi has cancer, a condition that’s led to shortened and postponed court hearings. He may have only a year or two to live.

Jurors could watch Devencenzi’s recorded testimony if he were unable to testify in person during Fultz’s trial.

Devencenzi was scheduled to testify Wednesday. Nevada County Superior Court Judge Robert Tice-Raskin delayed the hearing until today after meeting with attorneys behind closed doors about Devencenzi’s medical issues.

The judge also said he’s inclined to close the doors on today’s testimony.

Attorneys in the case asked Tice-Raskin to shutter the session. Defense attorney Kenneth Tribby, who represents Devencenzi, questioned how a video of his client’s testimony could be sealed if the hearing were open to the public.

Devencenzi, Fultz and Nathan Philbrook, 34, initially faced murder charges in connection with the 2014 shooting death of Issac Zafft. Devencenzi and Philbrook pleaded guilty to manslaughter in April. Philbrook was sentenced to 23 years in prison. Devencenzi, who is expected to receive 11 years in prison, hasn’t yet been sentenced.

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