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Hilary Hodge concedes District 3 Nevada County Board of Supervisors race

Hilary Hodge on Thursday conceded the District 3 Nevada County Board of Supervisors race to incumbent Dan Miller, just hours after local elections officials released the second of three vote count updates.

Miller, in that update, widened his margin against Hodge, drawing 3,345 votes to Hodge's 3,164 — or 51.39 to 48.61 percent.

Hodge in a release said she called Miller to congratulate him on his re-election, adding that it's likely under 200 votes remain uncounted in the race. Miller currently is beating Hodge by 181 votes.

Contacted Thursday afternoon, Hodge praised Miller. She said they discussed how they can work toward improving their community, and she offered the supervisor her help to achieve that goal.

"He has dedicated his life to this community and I am looking to do the same," Hodge added. "That's all I ever wanted to do for the community."

Miller couldn't be reached for comment.

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The elections office counted 14,259 votes since Monday, the last time it updated the count. It has about 1,000 votes remaining. The next vote count release is scheduled for Tuesday, said Sandy Sjoberg, assistant clerk-recorder/registrar of voters.

Officials have tallied 36,027 votes — a turnout of 52.96 percent. That number will climb with the next tally.

In the district attorney's race, Glenn Jennings narrowed the gap against incumbent Cliff Newell, though Newell still leads by about 400 votes.

Newell has 15,784 votes to Jennings' 15,388, or 50.64 to 49.36 percent.

"I think we're still in pretty good shape," Newell said. "I'm not going to make premature prognostications. We're still optimistic that we'll prevail in the final vote count."

Jennings couldn't be reached for comment.

Candidates for sheriff jostled for position, but remained in the same order: Shannan Moon, with 12,049 votes; Bill Smethers, with 10,897; and John Foster, with 10,475 — 36.05, 32.61 and 31.34 percent, respectively.

The top two vote-getters advance to the November general election.

"Optimistic," Moon said on Tuesday. "I'm not going to say we didn't expect it. That's what you shoot for: the win. We worked really hard — the volunteers, the family."

Smethers said he feels good about advancing to November, knowing that around 1,000 ballots remain.

"I'm still feeling very confident that we're going to continue to move forward," he said.

In the Nevada City Council race, incumbent Duane Strawser kept his lead with 685 votes. Incumbent Evans Phelps and candidate Erin Minett are tied at 627 votes each. Pauli Halstead has 318 votes.

The top two vote-getters will win council seats.

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