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Nevada County company specializes in in-home care

Spencer Kellar
Staff Writer

In-home care for a loved one is rarely an easy process for any of the parties involved, as stress that comes with supervising an individual can be overwhelming, and it is difficult to ensure they are receiving the necessary care they require.

Shaun Clinkinbeard, president and founder of Partners in Care, hopes to alleviate some of this stress. Clinkinbeard’s company offers a wide spectrum of services that caters to each client’s specific needs.

From light housekeeping and other general errands to more extensive live-in assistance, Partners in Care hopes to give their clientele the flexibility to choose the level of care that works best for them.

“Who doesn’t want to be at their home that they just lived in for 40 years or plus, or built it,” Clinkinbeard said, explaining his motivation in establishing Partners in Care. “I’ve heard it a lot, ‘I just want to die in my house, I don’t want to go to a facility.’ Although a lot of these facilities have changed and are super nice (with) very welcoming people, it doesn’t matter. They just want to stay at home.”

“We … do free assessments. That’s me, personally. I’ll drive out to the house, and I like to meet the people one-on-one. …””
Shaun Clinkinbeard
president and founder of Partners in Care

A Nevada County resident since 1987, Clinkinbeard hopes to set his operation apart from similar services offered in the area by stressing the importance of the personal touch a locally run care giving business provides.

“We … do free assessments. That’s me, personally. I’ll drive out to the house, and I like to meet the people one-on-one. I have a ton of different materials … we actually have a packet we leave them,” he explained.

“Getting to know me and my company is so important because, again, we send people to their home to take care of them. So it’s not like one those things where you can just call and say, ‘Hey, I want to use your service, send somebody out.’ That’s not the way it works.”

Although Clinkinbeard’s new business has only been in operation since the beginning of May, he says he spent a year and a half planning and going through comprehensive training in order to get it up and running.

One of his core goals was cultivating relationships with other health care facilities, thereby granting his company better awareness in the community and expanding his client base through referrals.

“It’s a relationship type business. So getting out in the industry and meeting all the people, all the facilities, all the hospitals, making sure you can get your name out that way,” he said of referrals, a system that works both ways; he receives clients from institutions that know him, and in turn refers clients to those institutions if they need more care then his business can provide.

“It’s not like you can put up a billboard and people will call you. In a sense that way it’s a little tougher. But at the same time I’ve had good success getting my foot in the door in other facilities and getting my name out there. People seem to really welcome me in, if you will.”

To ensure the quality of care is at a high level, prospective employees must undergo thorough training modules says Clinkinbeard, who states his business is so selective that only 15 percent of applicants are eventually hired.

“We do what we call group interviews, so we can have anywhere from five to 15 people in an interview. It’s about an hour and a half long, and then from that interview we kind of dwindle it down and then if I have any more questions for people, I’ll call them back in for a one-on-one interview,” he said.

“Once that’s complete, my office manager goes through and does all the reference checks, and once those clear we actually do a whole background check. Once that process is done, then we do a full eight-hour day in the office of training and orientation.”

In order to further solidify their reputation, Partners in Care is also a member of The Senior’s Choice, which Clinkinbeard says is the largest network of independent senior care providers in the nation.

“Just being a part of that is really nice. In addition to that, they give you a ton of training material,” he said. “So we have a backbone, we have their support. We’re not a franchise … but we are a member.”

Ultimately, Clinkinbeard hopes that Partners in Care will achieve enough success to accommodate business outside of the Grass Valley and Auburn market. But for now, he said, “I’m really focused here because it’s my hometown. “

For more information, or to arrange an assessment, visit the website http://www.picseniorcare.com or call Partners in Care at 530-268-7423.

Spencer Kellar is an intern with The Union. To reach him, email NCPCIntern@theunion.com.

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