Nevada County candidates file disclosures in advance of June 5 election |

Nevada County candidates file disclosures in advance of June 5 election

Glenn Jennings, who’s running a contentious campaign to unseat Nevada County District Attorney Cliff Newell, has garnered nine times what his opponent has raised in the first four months of the year.

Jennings, a former Nevada County assistant district attorney, received $24,852.94 in the reporting period from Jan. 1 to April 26, though $15,692.94 of that is a loan from Tammy Jennings.

Jennings has spent $17,769.83, leaving him $7,083.11.

In contrast, Newell raised $3,325 in the same period, though he started the year with $48,904 in the bank. He’s spent $14,289.72, leaving him $37,939.28.

The district attorney’s race has led to sharp divisions in the legal community.

Jennings’ campaign began with accusations of corruption against his opponent, citing that as a reason for his political run. Last month the Deputy District Attorney/Deputy Public Defender Association voted 7 to 5 to endorse Jennings.

Oliver Pong, a deputy district attorney in Newell’s office, gave $500 to Jennings. Former Deputy District Attorneys James Phillips and William Cornell II gave $250 and $200, respectively.

Defense attorney David Alkire, who in 2014 ran against Newell, gave $250 to Jennings. Deputy Public Defender Tamara Zuromskis gave $400.

Joey Jordan, a former paid consultant on John Foster’s campaign who’s now volunteering on his run for sheriff, gave $600. Simply Country gave $4,202.98 in cash and in-kind donations.

Newell’s office last year prosecuted Simply Country General Manager Nicholas Chittock, who pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of failing to maintain facilities used to keep animals in a sanitary condition. Chittock was sentenced to a year’s probation.

Newell’s contributions include $1,000 from William and Sally Broce, of Yuba City; $500 from Ernest Grossman; $250 from retired sheriff’s Capt. Davis Osborne; and $200 from Dave Scinto.


Former Grass Valley Police Chief John Foster, sheriff’s Capt. Shannan Moon and sheriff’s Executive Lt. Bill Smethers are running for sheriff.

Foster started with $658.04 and raised $23,156 from Jan. 1 to April 21. He’s spent $22,337.01, leaving him $1,477.03.

Contributors include Nourish in Nevada City, which gave $1,000; Michael Gomez — who Foster has said would serve as one of his two undersheriffs — who gave $900; and Monica Senter, a member of The Union’s editorial board, who gave $250.

Moon started the period with $6,207.28 and received $16,983 in contributions. She spent $18,833.32 and has $4,356.96 in the bank.

Moon’s contributors include Westmax Roofing Inc., of Fallbrook, which gave $2,500; Joanne Bodine, who gave $1,500; Michael S. Funk, who gave $1,000; Coral Parsons, who gave $1,000; Mill Street Clothing Company, which gave $500; and J. Mac Young, a member of The Union’s editorial board, who gave $400.

Smethers, who started with $24,299.84, received $21,708.05 this period. He spent $18,924.75, leaving him $27,083.14.

People who donated to Smethers include Matthew Muellenhoff, who gave $2,000; Cami Rhodes, who gave $1,365; Glenda Condon, who gave $1,360; Donna Burley and Wade Freedle, both of whom gave $500; and JoAnn Rebane, a member of The Union’s editorial board, who gave $100.

Supervisors, District 3

Hilary Hodge and incumbent Dan Miller are running for the District 3 seat on the Nevada County Board of Supervisors.

Hodge started the reporting period with $16,393.25 and received $18,526.50. She spent $18,477.62, leaving her $16,442.13 in the bank.

Contributors include Stonewall Democrats Club of Greater Sacramento and Generation Change, of Sacramento, both of which gave $1,000; Laborers Local 185 PAC, of Sacramento, which gave $1,000; Nevada County Democratic Central Committee, which gave $500; Supervisor Heidi Hall, who gave $250; and three members of The Union’s editorial board — Monica Senter, who gave $400; Susan Rogers, who gave $350; and Ann Shanti Emerson, who gave $115.

Miller started the reporting period with $9,068. He raised $16,619 and spent $24,977.62. He has $709.38 remaining.

Miller’s contributors include David Petty, who gave $600; Grass Valley Councilwoman Lisa Swarthout, Norma Buich and Jerry Cirino, all of whom gave $500; George and JoAnn Rebane, the latter of whom is on The Union’s editorial board, who gave $500; and Supervisor Ed Scofield and his wife Carol Scofield, who gave $100.


Mary Anne Davis, Elise Strickler and incumbent Greg Diaz are running for the position of clerk-recorder/registrar of voters.

Davis, an employee of The Union newspaper, received $3,205.99 in the first four months of the year. She spent $832.66, leaving her $2,373.33.

Contributors include Mike Bratton, who gave $200; Supervisor Ed Scofield and wife Carol Scofield, who gave $100; and JoAnn Rebane, who gave $100.

Diaz raised $2,097 and spent $744.80. He has $1,352.20 in the bank.

Contributors Dr. Don Stembridge, who gave $500; Francis Greenburger, of New York City, who gave $400; and Jeff and Shannon Pelline, who gave $200.

Strickler raised $3,285.01 and has spent $2,303.60. She has $981.41 remaining.

Contributors include Olivia Strickler, who’s donated, provided a loan and given an in-kind donation for a total of $1,040.48; Odessa Parker, of Abilene, Texas, who gave $1,000; and Linda Miller, who gave $100.

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