Nevada County Beekeepers again to provide Honeybee Hotline |

Nevada County Beekeepers again to provide Honeybee Hotline

Submitted to The Union

For the year 2018, the Nevada County Beekeepers Association will provide a Honeybee Hotline service.

People sighting a swarm of honeybees may call the hotline at 530-675-2924 for a qualified beekeeper to retrieve and remove the swarm. This service is only for honeybees and does not include yellow jackets, bumblebees, hornets, or wasps, according to a release.

Swarms of honeybees are a natural phenomenon and should be no cause for alarm. Swarms are normally docile and not inclined to sting nearby people, but they should not be molested or disturbed, the release stated. Above all, they should not be sprayed with pesticide or water.

When calling the hotline, leave a voice mail message with a name and phone number. The hotline will also respond to questions or problems involving honeybees.

If there is no response within four hours of reaching out to the hotline, call the alternate number at 530-265-3756.

Source: Nevada County Beekeepers Association

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