Nevada City to discuss volume of cannabis businesses |

Nevada City to discuss volume of cannabis businesses

Medical marijuana businesses are on the table this week for the Nevada City Council and Planning Commission, which are set to meet Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon, respectively.

Council members Wednesday will discuss how the city should handle the volume of medical cannabis business applications it has received.

According to a staff report, six prospective businesses have applied for operating permits in Nevada City. Four additional businesses have submitted zoning verification requests — an initial step before a complete application can be submitted.

Those applications and zoning requests have taken an “inordinate amount” of City Planner Amy Wolfson’s time, the report states. Wolfson is tasked with processing medical cannabis business requests.

The council on Wednesday will hash out how Wolfson should adequately account for the costs of processing those applications and ensure those costs are incurred by the applicants, rather than the city, according to the report.

Council members will discuss whether the city’s medical cannabis business regulations, adopted in June 2017, are consistent with the state’s marijuana laws, which became effective in January, with regards to limitations on “excessive concentration” and “separation from sensitive issues,” the report states.

Dispensary or dispensaries?

The council will also vote on a proposal to change Nevada City’s regulations and allow three medical cannabis dispensaries instead of one. If approved Wednesday, that proposal will need another council vote at a future meeting before it can take effect.

The City Council is scheduled to meet 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at City Hall, 317 West Broad St., Nevada City.

Four application reviews

The Planning Commission on Thursday will review four proposals for medical cannabis businesses.

Three prospective manufacturing businesses — California Edibles, CBD Power Bar and Emerald Bay Wellness — have applied to operate at 138 New Mohawk Road.

The Searls Group, a manufacturing business approved for an operating permit at 569 Searls Avenue by the Planning Commission last month, is applying for a distribution business license at that same location.

The Planning Commission is scheduled to meet 1:30 p.m. Thursday at City Hall.

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