Nevada City resolves to support racial justice |

Nevada City resolves to support racial justice

The city council of Nevada City on Wednesday approved a resolution supporting racial justice, in the wake of a racist incident involving two young boys on their bikes and a subsequent Ride Against Racism on June 15.

A group of nearly 100 supporters rode alongside the two boys down Broad Street toward the Stone House as hundreds more lined the streets, waving signs such as Black Lives Matter and Diversity is Beautiful before joining the racial justice riders at the Stone House for a celebration involving speakers and music.

But Nevada City wanted to do more. City manager Catrina Olson and Mayor Duane Strawser met with the Indivisible Women Nevada County’s racial justice team, which wanted to create a working relationship with the city and its police department.

Racial justice team member Margo Stebbing presented an anti-hate resolution that will be placed on the city’s website, taking a stance against hate, naming values of inclusivity and tolerance and making this widely known in the community.

The team also has offered to conduct training in anti-bias and tolerance for the city council, chamber of commerce, police department and community at large.

The resolution reads, in part, “Here in Nevada City, we want to be known not just for the beauty of our historic homes and quaint shops fanning out from the town center, with our Gold Rush history. … We also want to be known for our values and commitment to this city growing strong in its inclusivity for all of our residents, in all of our growing diversity. We wish it to be known that our city declares itself to be a hate-free zone.”

“If we’re going to be able to fight and solve these issues, this is the exact right place where this has to start,” said council member David Parker. “We have to start locally.”

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