Neural therapy: Help for chronic pain and other conditions |

Neural therapy: Help for chronic pain and other conditions

Neural therapy is a method used to diagnose and treat medical problems that are otherwise difficult to treat.

This therapy is commonly used for the treatment of chronic pain, but is also frequently used for a wide variety of other conditions such as headaches, asthma, arthritis, carpal tunnel, digestion problems, insomnia and many others.

It is based on the theory that trauma can produce “interference fields” which are long standing electrical imbalances in the cells of various tissues throughout the body.

Interference fields can be caused by inflammation, injuries, infection, surgeries, scars or any other trauma. These disturbances can result in chronic pain or other illness that can be seemingly unrelated to the original trauma.

Neural therapy can often resolve acute and chronic pain or other illness very quickly, with long lasting or permanent results.

Modern neural therapy was discovered much by accident in 1925. Two physicians, Ferdinand and Walter Huneke, were trying to help their sister who had suffered from severe migraines for many years.

During one of these migraines, Ferdinand injected her with what he thought was a remedy for rheumatism. Much to their surprise the migraine immediately vanished and never recurred.

After witnessing this miraculous recovery the doctors realized that the medicine they used actually contained procaine (also known as Novocain, the numbing medicine commonly used in dental offices).

With much further research and experimentation it became clear that procaine and other local anesthetics of the “caine” family could also be used to correct electrical imbalances of tissues that were altered through various injuries, illness or trauma.

Neural therapy is commonly used by doctors throughout Europe and South America and involves the injection of tiny amounts of procaine into very specific sites on the body as a means of correcting these “interference fields.”

Trigger point therapy (which is a form of neural therapy) is commonly used throughout the United States for the treatment of chronic pain.

Procaine is safe, relatively free of side effects and is broken down and eliminated from the body very rapidly.

When used correctly, neural therapy offers one of the most safe, effective and reliable tools available for the treatment of a wide variety of conditions including chronic pain.

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