MY TOP TEN: Loraine Webb of Nevada City |

MY TOP TEN: Loraine Webb of Nevada City

Top 10 reasons not to go to “war”:

1) The many deeply loving families who will be horrifically murdered in the name of “peace-keeping.”

2) The physical and psychological horrors that will be visited on our men in uniform and their families for generations to come. The Veteran’s Administration reports that more than 30 percent of U.S. Gulf War veterans are receiving disability benefits for illness and injury, as the Pentagon made massive use of depleted uranium weapons and bio/chemical agents in 1991.

3) Increased domestic “terrorism.” (Violence and repression beget

more violence.)

4) The connection between bin Laden and Saddam Hussein is nonexistent. They are sworn enemies.

5) Iraq is not a military threat, as UNICEF reports that nearly 2 million Iraqi civilians, mostly children, have already died from a U.S-imposed economic blockade and 12 years of allied bombing.

6) The intended “war” on Iraq is fundamentally racist. (To equate Islam with al Qaida is to equate Christianity with the Ku Klux Klan.)

7) The word “war” itself implies a contest between equal superpowers.

(The intention toward Iraq amounts to murderous genocide.)

8) Global perspective on a unilateral first strike: Bush family vested interests in arms manufacture and weapons production (Carlyle Group), pharmaceuticals (Lily Corp) and oil make it clear to the international community that this proposed “conflict” is not about “terrorism” or human rights abuses. (In 1942, four Bush family businesses were seized under the “Trading with the Enemy Act” … Prescott Bush helped finance the Third Reich.)

9) The Madison Avenue marketing ad agency (Hill & Knowlton) that has been employed to sell the American people on the notion that “smart bombs” will allow the U.S. to accomplish a “regime change” without hurting anyone is simply lying. Our military has used and stockpiled cluster bombs (to rip bodies apart), napalm and white phosphorus (to cling to and burn flesh), and fuel/air explosives (cute “mini” nuclear bombs).

10) Furtherance of a domestic and global economic recession (which will benefit a select few interest-holders). A Yale economist has placed the total cost of the “war” at up to $1.6 trillion.

(Not including the “cost” in lives, global security and social programs.)

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