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Motorcycle Musings

Curtis Langston
President Emeritus, LWW Motorcycle Club
Updates by: Paul Piper Acting President, LWW Motorcycle Club

There are over 33,000 HOA’s in California. Of those, only three HOA’s ban motorcycles – LWW being one of them. The remaining HOA’s including Pebble Beach, Blackhawk, Auburn Lake Trails and Lake of the Pines allow unrestricted motorcycle access. And, in a perfect world, there should be no restrictions on motorcycle access in LWW either.

However, in an effort to allay the fears of some LWW residents, local motorcyclists have agreed to a proposal whereby access would be allowed with restrictions. Admittedly, the restrictions may seem redundant to some. For example, if a motorcycle is street legal (California Vehicle Code compliant), why exclude operation between midnight and 5AM and why limit travel between Gate and owner’s home? This was included as a safe guard for those residents who might not understand the meaning of street legal and might worry that noise is still the issue. Currently diesel trucks, sports car, vintage cars, hot rods roam our streets and, by tests conducted recently, are louder than street legal motorcycles and even louder than some Harleys with modified exhausts. Furthermore, at 25mph, it takes only 3-5 seconds for one of these vehicles or motorcycles to pass your home… nothing close to the repetitive whine of leaf blowers we deal with on a daily basis.

The same thinking applies to the restriction of “no congregating”. Some residents may be fearful about a biker party in Commodore Park… and, there may be noisy bikes or “hard core” bikers among them. Admittedly, “hard core” bikers would never dream of buying a home in a place like LWW so the exposure to LWW motorcyclists’ being “hard core” is minimal to none and noisy bikes would not be street legal. This restriction then, although seemingly unnecessary to most, might seem logical to some.

The same reasoning applies to the restriction of Homeowners only… guests are excluded from access.

Again, in a perfect world, there should be no restrictions on motorcycle access for street legal motorcycles. However, in the interest of working with the Community to develop a “no cost” solution we all can live with, resident motorcyclists have agreed to a compromise outlined on the voting ballot and below:


• Homeowners and renters with sponsorship by an owner. This is an accommodation to Beale AFB military personal… many of whom rent before buying at LWW.

• Must be 21 years of age or older.

• Motorcycle to be California Vehicle Code compliant.

• Proof of valid driver’s license.

• Proof of registration.

• Proof of insurance.

• Travel is restricted to/from the front gate to owner’s home.

• No more than two motorcycles, unless title is held by the same owner, are allowed to congregate at any location, unless such congregation is approved by the General Manager.

• Motorcycle operation is prohibited between the hours of midnight and 5:00 AM.

A final thought: If we are committed to making LWW more progressive, we must loosen up on silly, archaic rules and broaden our image and appeal.

Please vote “Yes” on Motorcycle Access.

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