More vandalism on campaign trail |

More vandalism on campaign trail

You can call it graffiti, vandalism, defacing public property or just an annoying prank, but nobody’s laughing about the latest twist in the Penn Valley campaign sign war.

David Thompson noticed the clandestine spray-paint job Wednesday morning.

“I’m not pointing fingers, but someone’s spray-painting ‘IZZY’ on the roads,” Thompson said. “It’s in both lanes, so you see it going either way, and it’s very distracting.”

Thompson said he saw four or five of the “IZZY” tags spray-painted in big white letters – one on Indian Springs Road and a few on Spenceville Road.

“This is absolutely ridiculous. It’s defacing public property,” Thompson said.

Sometime Tuesday night, some of Supervisor Elizabeth “Izzy” Martin’s campaign signs were also trashed with spay paint, and earlier this month, hundreds were stolen or vandalized in the Penn Valley area.

Lt. David Baxley of the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office said it’s illegal to deface campaign signs and spray-paint on county roadways.

Anything that distracts drivers is a safety issue, said Michael Hill-Weld, director of the county’s Department of Transportation and Sanitation.

“The only thing that should be painted on roads is safety and warning markers,” Hill-Weld said. “We’ll get out there and clean those up; and if we find out who did it, they’ll be charged with the cost.”

But Thompson said no one’s going to confess, and the Sheriff’s Department has bigger fish to fry and isn’t going to bend over backwards trying to catch the culprits.

“So basically the burden is on the taxpayer,” Thompson said. “Don’t you think we have enough to pay for without having to pay for these political games?”

Martin could not be reached for comment.

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