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Miners Foundry in Nevada City getting rooftop solar system installed

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Work continues on a 37.6 kilowatt solar system atop the Miners Foundry.
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California Solar Electric Company in Grass Valley is installing 37.6 kilowatts of solar power at the Miners Foundry Cultural Center in Nevada City.

California Solar is installing the system using SunPower’s 470 watt panels, which use the latest and most efficient technology in the industry, according to a release.

Due to their high efficiency, California Solar is able to install the entire system on the south-facing roof spaces hidden from the street, preserving the historical character of both the Miners Foundry and Nevada City, the release continued.

“We see going solar as an extension of our legacy and commitment to innovation, sustainability, environment, and our community,” Gretchen Bond, the executive director of the Miners Foundry, stated in the release.

The foundry serves as a cultural arts and community events center. The installation of solar is expected help the Miners Foundry save the money needed to make necessary updates to the facility.

“In the next phase we plan to replace the old boiler with a state-of-the-art heating, ventilation and air condition unit,” Bond said. “Solar will help us offset these expenses of heating and cooling our 9,000-square-foot facility. Without solar we would have a difficult time implementing these updates …”

When completed, the solar system will be the largest solar installation in the downtown historic district. The system has a life expectancy of over 40 years and expects to deliver over 58,000 kilowatt hours in the first year.

By producing 90 percent of its power onsite, and with the special financing offered through California Solar, the Miners Foundry expects to save more than $235,000 over the next 20 years, followed by even more savings in subsequent years.

“We’ve installed roughly 100,000 watts of solar in downtown Nevada City, including the top of City Hall and the Masonic Lodge, with all of it invisible to the eye from the sidewalks and streets,” said Webb. “This system for the Foundry continues the trend of meeting the city’s demands for new, clean energy sources without compromising the downtown historical experience.”

“We are proud of the vision, leadership, and commitment our local government has shown in transitioning Nevada City’s electricity to be entirely from renewable sources by 2030 and all energy sources will be renewable by 2050,” Bond said. “It shows true responsibility and passion in preserving this beautiful place we call home.”

Founded in 2000 and located locally at 149 East Main Street in Grass Valley, California Solar Electric Company has installed more than 5.5 million watts of solar panels.

Source: California Solar

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