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Men’s 18-Hole Club

2016 Membership Fees:

2016 Membership Fees:

Our numbers have grown so much this year that our Men’s Club membership fees for 2016 will remain at $85 for returning members and $95 for new members.

Divots and Ball Marks:

Hers some interesting information on what we can do to help our course look and play better:

The average golfer leaves about 12 ball marks during a typical round of golf. With a daily average of 160 rounds on a typical golf course, your greens will suffer 1,920 ball marks each day and 58,400 ball marks per month — more than 700,000 ball marks each year! Further, consider that the average number of divots a typical golfer creates during a round of golf is 45. This equates to 7,200 divots a day, or 2,628,000 divots each year!

While golfers may be unaware of the impact of their play, these numbers are mind-boggling. Not many superintendents have the luxury of staffing sufficient personnel to address these repairs without some assistance.

The numbers are unbelievable and it is no wonder the “Divot Stompers” on Mondays fill so many holes, and no, our superintendent does not have the staff to do this work. It has to be the players’ responsibility to take care of the course in these two areas.

Here are a few ideas to help alleviate the problem of ball marks on greens and divots on the course:

• While waiting for other players to come up, seize the opportunity to repair ball marks in the green on which you’re standing, or as you walk onto the green on the way to your ball look around and repair a few more. With electric carts, many players approach their ball from the back or side of the green. Take the time to walk back to where your ball hit the green and look for a ball mark to repair. If you can’t find yours, look for another one to repair in the general vicinity of yours.

• Always have the proper tools on hand: a ball-mark repair tool, a container of top dressing material and a scoop. Most carts in Lake Wildwood have a divot mix container and many players keep this on their hand carts as well. Take it with you when you walk to your ball.

• Aside from the general aesthetics of having greens that are free from old ball marks, there is another reason why it is important to consistently address these repairs — the issue of playability. USGA rule 13-2 states that “a player shall not improve or allow to be improved: the position or lie of his ball, by any of the following actions: removing or pressing down sand, loose soil, replaced divots, other cut turf placed in position or other irregularities of surface.” This simply translates to having to play a shot as it lies, even if it lands in an unrepaired divot.

October Tournament Results:

Congratulations to the winners of the October Men’s Club tournaments. This month we had 83 golfers participate in our two tournament formats. These formats seem to be a great success. In the Criers and Whiners Tournament, players receive half of their handicap on the gross score and the other half was used as mulligans during the round. I hear many players used their mulligans wisely following some pretty awful shots. And as we all know, the second try is always much better.

In the second format, Point Par, golfers received their strokes on holes and after recording their net score received points: par -1, birdie – 2, eagle – 3, and double eagle -4 points, respectively.

The winners were determined by the number of points accrued during the round.

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