Mel Walsh: Repotting: – Healthy for plants, healthy for people |

Mel Walsh: Repotting: – Healthy for plants, healthy for people

One of the rules for keeping potted plants healthy is to re-pot them occasionally with fresh soil and a new pot. I think it’s the same for people – at least for anyone smarter than a fern, which I hope I am, at least most days. Re-potting keeps people growing and alive. Think new projects, new places, new challenges – all healthy.

Well, I am re-potting myself, so this is a semi-goodbye column written for a group of wonderful readers. But hey, I will be writing my new blog – – and if you miss me, I hope you will visit there. It’s just a matter of out of one pot and into another.

The formal name of my new pot is “The Geezer Diary, Traveling the Outskirts of Age.” You can even subscribe on the right hand side of the home page. I will be writing about everything connected with life after 60, not just medical subjects. There are also some beautiful or funny pictures, always good to cheer the soul.

So please check out Be there or be there.

I will also be writing another book, but if you want to see the last one, “Hot Granny,” it is available at the Bookseller in Grass Valley and at all the online booksellers such as Amazon.

I’ve also stretched out my physical roots and they now extend down to Carmel, where I will spend much of my time, nearer to my kids and grandkids, the better to annoy them. As for Cranky Pants, he keeps the home fires burning in Grass Valley and also in Carmel, which makes him bi-house-al and an expert on I-5 and its various rest stops and Denny’s specials.

Last, to cover your back, If you need medical information, there’s always They are Ready Freddy when it comes to almost any condition or symptom. And if you want coverage in The Union for your event or a certain subject, get in touch with Carol Guild at (530) 477-4219.

So thank you all for your kind attention to my 233 columns and thanks to The Union for running content that was devoted to the welfare of older people. (How many newspapers do that?)

So visit me in my new pot. I’ll be there every week with extended coverage of what I have come to call the pre-age years.

Because people over 60 do not think they are old.

They’re right.

Mel Walsh is a gerontologist and author. Visit at Her book, “Hot Granny,” is available at The Book Seller in Grass Valley.

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