Meckler joins new organization |

Meckler joins new organization

Matthew Renda
Staff Writer

The co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots has found a new political niche.

Mark Meckler, a prominent member of the Tea Party movement, has been appointed as an advisor to the Campaign for Primary Accountability – a SuperPAC organization that works to remove long-term incumbents who no longer represent their constituents.

“Absolutely, I’m excited,” Meckler said. “I’m excited about anything I do.”

Meckler said the campaign addresses a fundamental rift that has emerged between national representatives and the people they purport to represent.

“The Congress’ approval rating is dismally low,” he said. “It’s time we fix the break in the system of accountability.”

The campaign focuses on fixed districts, which means there is not routine switches between political parties, where there is an incumbent who has occupied a seat for more than eight years.

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The campaign also focuses on districts where there is a legitimate challenger, as the organization does not solicit candidates to run, Meckler said.

Finally, the organization conducts polling in the given district and if the numbers indicate an approval rating of below 50 percent and fits the above criteria, the campaign will marshal resources to help remove the incumbent from office.

The campaign’s website states there is no political slant as the organization believes that both parties lack responsibility and accountability.

Meckler is also continuing to tour the country, talking with Tea Party groups and various political organizations about the principles of fiscal responsibility, limited government and free markets.

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