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LWW Dog Club Cares For Dogs, Residents and Community

The Lake Wildwood Dog Club has grown to over 100 members in less than one year. The club is a result of our love for our dogs (we think of them as family).

We want to add value to the Lake Wildwood community by creating a welcoming environment for residents with pets. We’re working hard on promoting our goals.

Our mission is simple; Education, Safety, and Sanitation…for all dogs and everyone in our shared Lake Wildwood community.

Education: We provide monthly speakers on dog (and owner) training, dog health, animal control, and the importance of exercise. An exercised dog is a good dog! We want to educate those dog owners who are not respectful of our environment and what makes a good citizen.

Safety: Owners are relegated to exercising their dogs by walking them on the narrow, sometimes shoulder-less streets of LWW. We recommend and advocate short leashes, reflective collars and clothing for better visibility; however it is still necessary for drivers to often drive in the middle of the road, or opposite lane. We want to avoid accidents and injury to both dogs and people. We have a network of people to help in the event a dog runs away. We have kept dogs off the roads and safe until reunited with their owners.

Sanitation: No one likes dog waste. We have started an “Adopt a Street” program whereby member-volunteers pick up dog waste (and people litter) on a regular basis. We sell and hand out poop bags to dog owners. We are proactive in monitoring those owners who are remiss in their responsibilities of picking up after their dogs.

Our parks currently are overrun with deer, geese, turkeys, raccoons, etc. The maintenance department has to regularly clean feces from our beaches. We believe allowing dogs in the parks will decrease the presence of wildlife, thereby decreasing animal waste in our parks, on our beaches and ultimately in our lake.

Leashed dogs under the control of their owners are not apt to damage or destroy property, landscaping or be disruptive.

The perception and reality of dogs is changing. Today, dogs are allowed in public places such as restaurants, hotels, recreational areas, shopping centers, resorts, airplanes, churches, etc. As in any public place we as dog owners are responsible for ensuring the safety of our pets and the public. As responsible dog owners we are conscientious about our dog’s behavior and will address the bad behavior of irresponsible owners. How is an occasional dog bark any different than the sound of music, motorboats, children laughing and screaming, or an occasional shout of pure joy from those who play in our parks? Why is the responsible dog owner penalized for the actions of the few?

You have received a ballot to change the CCRs to allow “leashed dogs in our parks.” We feel, as responsible dog owners, that there is value with the presence of controlled dogs in our park areas. We are asking for the ability to have our family members (dogs) join us when we want to enjoy the facilities we pay for annually.

Let’s make Lake Wildwood an inclusive and welcoming community for all.

We ask for your “YES” vote to allow leashed dogs in “our” parks.

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