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Local contractor awarded grant to restore 1894 doorway

David Mirhadi
Staff Writer

Terry Lamphier has plenty of skills with a saw, hammer and nails.

A licensed general contractor, Lamphier never supposed a pen would provide one of his most satisfying accomplishments.

Lamphier was awarded a $1,500 grant to restore an 1894 doorway at St. Joseph’s Cultural Center, a project the one-time Grass Valley planning commissioner hopes to complete in a few weeks.

The grant was awarded in August by the International Furnishings and Design Association, based in King of Prussia, Pa. Lamphier soon began work on the ornate, blunt arch Gothic door.

It’s not a product you can find at your local big-box store.

“I like working on old stuff, but it’s expensive to do. I think old architecture has so much heritage,” said Lamphier. He spent part of Friday re-caulking the old door, which will be placed back on a weather-sealed doorway when done.

It’s not the first time Lamphier has used his muscle to restore parts of St. Joseph’s Cultural Center. He replaced the building’s vintage 1870 front stairs two years ago.

Call it beginner’s luck for Lamphier, a student at Sierra College who was simply trolling the Internet for financial aid when he found the arts grant.

“I’m just happy I wrote the grant and I got it,” he said. “My hat size got a little bigger.”

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