(LIVE COVERAGE) Friday night football: Bear River vs. Placer, Oak Ridge at Nevada Union | TheUnion.com

(LIVE COVERAGE) Friday night football: Bear River vs. Placer, Oak Ridge at Nevada Union

Live Blog Live coverage: Sacramento-area high school football coverage, week 8

Update: 10 p.m.— It’s over at NU, Oak Ridge wins 38-7 to improve to 8-1 overall and 5-0 in SFL, NU falls to 1-8, 0-5 in SFL

FINAL— Oak Ridge 38, Nevada Union 7.

Update: 9:55 p.m.— The Hillmen run the clock, then kneel down to run the rest of the clock out.

FINAL— Placer 26, Bear River 14.

Update: 9:53 p.m.— Bruins turn over on downs. Placer gets a big run to the 43. 1:48 left in the game.

Update: 9:52 p.m.— Placer fans chant “This is over.”

Update: 9:51 p.m.— Bear River, 3rd and 16, Voter is sacked for a loss. 4th and long.

Update: 9:50 p.m.— TIMEOUT

Update: 9:49 p.m.— From the 47, 1st and 10, Voter steps up to throw, incomplete. 2nd and 10, Voter gets sacked.

Update: 9:48 p.m.— Bear River takes over from the 25. 1st and 10, Mastrella gets a nice run for a first down to midfield.

Update: 9:47 p.m.— Bear River fumbles kickoff, Placer drives 32 yards in 4 plays to score. Hillmen lead 26-14, just over 3 minutes to play.

NU UPDATE: NUs Justin Houlihan recovers Oak ridge fumble in end zone for NUs first TD of game- Oak Ridge still leads 38-7 in 4th

Update: 9:45 p.m.— 4:20 left in the game, Scott plows it in for five for the 1st down.

Update: 9:44 p.m.— 2nd and 9, Penalty against the Bruins, 5 yard penalty, 2nd and 3 from the 15.

Update: 9:43 p.m.— Placer with a 10 yard burst, 1st down at the 20. 1st and 10, Placer with a one yard gain.

Update: 9:42 p.m.— Off the Kickoff Matrella fumbles and Placer recovers. 5:26 left in the game. Placer takes over at the Bruins’ 31.

NU UPDATE: Headed to the 4rth at Hooper, NU trails Oak Ridge 38-0 #runningclock

Update: 9:39 p.m.— Placer breaks back on top with Scott’s 1 yard TD run. 2 point conversion no good.

5:42 left in the game Placer leads 19-14.

Update: 9:38 p.m.— Hillmen gets a short one yard gain, 2nd and goal. Placers for another two yard gain 3rd and goal form the 1.

Update: 9:36 p.m.— Placer gets some solid gains, and another 1st down to the 4. 1st and goal. 7:07 left in the game.

NU UPDATE: Oak ridge with long TD run to go up 38-0 in 3rd quarter

Update: 9:35 p.m.— Placer taken back to the 35, 2nd and 12, Placer gets a big run to within the red zone. 1st down.

Update: 9:34 p.m.— Owen Scott gets a nice run, but a flag is thrown. PENALTY, holding on Hillmen.

Update: 9:33 p.m.— Hillmen get another big run to the Bruin 32. 1st down. Placer gets another short gain, 2nd and 8 from the 30.

Update: 9:32 p.m.— Placer at their own 44, 1st and 10, Placer runs the left edge for a short gain. 2nd and 6 from the 48.

Update: 9:30 p.m.— 3rd down for Placer. Hillmen get a solid run for the first down.

More action from Ramsey Field:

Update: 9:27 p.m.— Placer receives the kick off, penalty called. 1st and 10 Placer gets a solid run to the 33 yard line for the first down. Hillmen get a short gain to the 37. END of Third, Bruins lead 14-13.

Update: 9:26 p.m.— Bruins score, extra point good. Mastrella with the run around the right edge for the five yard TD. Bruins leads Placer 14-13. Less than a minute left in the third.

Update: 9:24 p.m.— Voter hits another completion to the 36 for the 1st down. 1:15 left, 1st and 10, Mastrella breaks a hard run down to Placer’s 5. 1st and goal. 32 yards gain.

NU UPDATE: Oak Ridge adds a 25 yard FG to go up 31-0 on NU in 3rd

Update: 9:22 p.m.— 1st and 10, Voter tries to scramble for no gain. 2nd and 10, 2:30 left in the quarter from the 48, Voter hands it off, hard running up to the 42, 3rd and 4.

Update: 9:21 p.m.— 3:27 left in the 3rd quarter. Bruins at their 41, 2nd and 10, play action look, Voter throws it incomplete. 3rd and 10, Voter throws on the run and it’s complete to O’Lena to the Placer 48. 1st down.

Update: 9:19 p.m.— 1st and 10 Voter throws an incomplete pass. 2nd and 10, TIMEOUT.

Update: 9:18 p.m.— Placer botches the punt, the ball is dropped but is still kicked but not far. Bruins take over at the 41.

Update: 9:17 p.m.— Bruins get the stop Placer to punt.

Update: 9:16 p.m.— Hillmen get an 11 yard pick up, to the 35. 1st and 10, Placer with a 2 yard gain, 2nd 8. Bruins’ Landon Clark gets the sack for a loss.

Update: 9:15 p.m.— Voter throws an incomplete pass, and Placer takes over.

Update: 9:14 p.m.— After a series of plays and stops Bruins are now at a 4th and 3 going for it, but are called for a delay of game. 4th and 8 at the 24.

Update: 9:12 p.m.— Bruins’ Colton Wood gets in a nice run to Placer’s 26, 1st and 10. Mastrella gets a short run to the 23.

Update: 9:10 p.m.— Bruins lose a yard after Placer stops the run, 3rd and 6. Voter in the shotgun, play action pass, Voter runs and dives for a 1st down.

Update: 9:09 p.m.— Bruins get a 1st down at the 46. 1st and 10, Bruins get a nice 5 yard gain.

Update: 9:08 p.m.— Bruins get a short gain to the 41, 2nd and 5. Mastrella gets another short run for 4, 3rd and 1.

Update: 9:06 p.m.— Second half begins, Bruins take the kickoff at the 19. 1st and 10, and get a one yard gain. 2nd and 9, Voter gets a completion to O’Lena to the 36 for a first down.

NU UPDATE: At the end of the first half, NU trails Oak Ridge 28-0 – Book with 3 TD passes for Trojans.

Update: 8:49 p.m.— Bruins with a 5 yard gain. 2nd and 5. The clock is running. 1st half ends.

Placer 13, Bear River 7. Bruins to receive in the second half.

Update: 8:47 p.m.— Bruins take over with 1:08 left in the half near their end zone.

Update: 8:45 p.m.— Placers hand it off to Scott, for a short gain, 4th and 16. Hillmen to punt, 1:20 left in the half.

Update: 8:44 p.m.— Bruins with another sack, 3rd and 27. TIMEOUT

Update: 8:43 p.m.— 1st and 16, and the Bruins get a big sack by Jimmy Vaughn for a big loss. TIMEOUT 2:14 left in the half.

Update: 8:42 p.m.— Placer gets a short run in, but a penalty called. Holding against Placer, taking them back to midfield.

Update: 8:41 p.m.— 2nd and 9, Hillmen with a run up to the 40, 1st and 10.

Update: 8:40 p.m.— Off the kickoff Placer runs it up to the 42. 1st and 10, one yard gain.

NU UPDATE: Book to Kassis for third time – oak ridge leads nu 28-0 in 2nd qtr

Update: 8:38 p.m.— Bruins run it in, extra point good. 3:21 left in the half.

Bruins 7, Placer 13.

Update: 8:36 p.m.— Bruins go for it, Voter hits O’Lena for a deep pass, who is knocked out at the 1, 1st and goal, Bruins.

Update: 8:35 p.m.— Voter with a completion but short of the 1st down at the 41, 4th and 3. TIMEOUT. 3:42 left in the half.

Update: 8:34 p.m.— Voter throws the ball behind his receiver, 3rd and long, 3:52 left in the quarter.

Update: 8:32 p.m.— Mastrella gets a solid five yard gain. Possible late hit against Placer. PERSONAL foul, 15 yards. Bruins taken to the Hillmen 48. 4:50 left in the half. 1st and 10, Voter in the shotgun, and he’s sacked for a loss.

Update: 8:31 p.m.— Bruins get the ball back, penalty called against Placer, 1st and 5. Voter in the shotgun, throws into the flat, complete, 1st down at the 32.

CORRECTION: Placer extra point is no good. Placer leads 13-0 against Bear River.

Update: 8:30 p.m.— A Placer player, Cozad, gets escorted off the field after a hard hit on the score for the Hillmen.

NU UPDATE: End of 1 at NU, Miners trail Oak Ridge 21-0

Update: 8:24 p.m.— Placer throws it into the end zone, incomplete but a flag is thrown. PENALTY against Bruins, pass interference, replay third from the 4. The Hillmen run it in for the score.

Waylen Cozad powers in for a 4-yard score on 3rd-and-goal. Placer leads 13-0. PAT no good. Cozad down on the play, needs help off the field.

Placer leads Bear River 13-0.

Update: 8:22 p.m.— Bruins get a holding penalty, 1st and goal from the 8 for Placer. Owen Scott runs up the gut but is stopped. 2nd and goal from the 12, Placer gets a 5 yard gain, 3rd and goal from the 7.

Action from Bear River High School:

Update: 8:20 p.m.— After a series of plays Placer gets some gains into Bruins territory at the 45. Bruins stop the run pushing Placer back to the 49. Hillman get a big run for 29 yards to the 20, 1st and 10.

Update: 8:18 p.m.— Placer with an 8 yard gain, 2nd and 2. Bear River stops the run. 3rd and 1, Placer’s Owen Scott pushes forward for a first down. 1st and 10 9 minutes left in the half, at the 27.

Update: 8:15 p.m.— Bruins get a short 2 yard gain, 2nd and 8 from the 45. Bruins with another short gain, 3rd and 5. Bruins with another short run, 4th and 2. The punt team comes out, Placer takes over at their own 15.

NU UPDATE: Oak ridge adds a ground TD, now leads NU 21-0 in 1st qtr

Update: 8:11 p.m.— Voter in the shotgun, 3rd and 5, 12 seconds left in the quarter. Pass complete for a 4 or 5 yard gain, and the chains come out to measure for the 1st. 1st down Bruins, END of FIRST.

More action from Bear River High School:

Update: 8:09 p.m.— Djoba hands it off and the Bruins get a nice push to the 45. Djoba throws an incomplete pass. 3rd and 5 TIMEOUT.

Update: 8:09 p.m.— Voter rolls out and hit Mastrella up to the 37 yard line, 1st down Bruins. 20 yard gain.

Update: 8:07 p.m.— 2nd and 10, Bruins get a short 3 yard gain. 3rd and 7, Jason Voter back in the shotgun, Bruins called for a false start, 5 yard penalty, 3rd and 12.

Update: 8:06 p.m.— Bear River gets the punt to start from their own 20. No gain on 1st and 10.

Update: 8:04 p.m.— Placer hands it off, Placer runs it in for the score. Extra point good.

7-0 Placer leads the Bruins. 2:39 left in the 1st.

NU UPDATE: Book hits Kassis again for 6, oak ridge leads NU 14-0 in 1st.

Update: 8:02 p.m. — Bear River gets the stop on 1st down, 2nd and goal at the 3. TIMEOUT

Update: Holding called against Bruins, its decline. 1st and goal for Placer.

Update: 8:01 p.m.— Penalty against Bear River, 1st down Hillmen. Placer throws it deep to the Bruins’ 5 yard line.

Update: 7:59 p.m.— Hillman get the 1st down on a nice power run play to the 33, but a face mask penalty called against Placer. 5 yard penalty, 3rd and 6. Placer runs it up the gut but is stopped, 4th and 1.

Update: 7:58 p.m.— Placer pushes forward to the Bruins’ 40 for a five yard gain. 2nd and 6, Placer gets a short gain. 3rd and 1.

Update: 7:57 p.m. Bruins punt after a three and out. After a couple stops, Placer on 3rd and 10 gets a short gain but a 15 yard roughing the passer penalty called against the Bruins, first down, 5:27 left in the 1st.

Update: 7:56 p.m. NEVADA UNION: Oak Ridge up 7-0 on NU after 38 yard TD pass from Book to Kassis – still in 1st, 7:02 to go.

Update: 7:53 p.m.— Bruins get the ball for a nice short gain up to the 21, 2nd and 7. Bear River tries for a deep pass but it’s incomplete.

Action from Bear River High School: Holding penalty called

Update: 7:51 p.m.— Placer fumbles but recovers the ball back at the 35, 4th down. Placer punts.

Update:7:49 p.m.— 14 yard penalty, 1st and 25 Placer gets a nine yard push. 2nd and 15, 9:40 left in the quarter. 3rd and 11 after a short gain.

Update:7:48 p.m.— 3rd and 1, the Hillman get the first. 1st and 10, Placer throws a TD, but a holding flag is thrown.

Update: 7:48 p.m.— Another solid run, Placer run up to the 32, 2nd and 1. A deep pass thrown but incomplete again.

Update: 7:47 p.m.— 3rd and 3, Placer runs the ball for a left wing gain to the 41. 1st down and 10.

Update: 7:47 p.m.— Placer takes over at their own 47. 1st and 10, Placer gets a seven yard run. 2nd and 3, a deep pass thrown, but incomplete.

Update: 7:46 p.m.— Bruins to kick off.

Update: 7:45 p.m.— JV: Placer 25, Bear River 22.

Update: 7:42 p.m.— A moment of silence for local deputies who were shot and killed a year ago is given, followed by the national anthem. Students wear pink for breast cancer awareness month on Senior night.

Update: 7:40 p.m.— Bear River’s Austin Baze is injured and out for the rest of the season.

Sacramento region football teams are geared up and ready to kickoff the eighth week of prep action. This week Nevada Union will battle Oak Ridge at Hooper Stadium, and Bear River clashes with Placer at Bear River High School.
As our local teams engage in gridiron battles tonight, The Union will join the Sacramento Bee in providing live coverage of local games and those throughout the greater Sacramento region right here at TheUnion.com.
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In addition to the live chat, The Union’s live coverage will also include photos and video from Multimedia Reporter Laura Mahaffy.

Also, check out our YouTube page for new videos here, and follow live Tweets from our sports reporters on the ground @TheUnionSports.

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