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Letters to the Editor

Agendas and other things

In response to Mr. Maynard’s letter to the editor entitled “Not on the Agenda” (TWI, Oct. 9), just a couple of points. I am a big boy, literally, and can live with Mr. Maynard calling me a liar, but when he brings in the rest of the Board I feel compelled to jump in.

First, with respect to Mr. Maynard’s claims about the President’s Report at the September 22 Board meeting, I write these in advance and read them to the audience. A copy of what I read that day was provided to the Assistant Secretary, to be attached to the minutes and once the minutes are approved at the October meeting, will be posted on our website for all to review. If any member wants that document before that time,

I’ll make sure the administrative office makes copies. Then anyone who wants to can judge for themselves what was said. I believe many will find it far different from what Mr. Maynard claims.

Second, regarding the agenda, the law is clear that “ the board may not discuss or take action on any item at a nonemergency meeting unless the item was placed on the agenda included in the notice” to members (Civil Code sec. 4930). Our agenda was, as normal, included in the e- bits, which serves as the notice to members.

When Mr. Maynard says there was no agenda, he should truthfully have said there was an agenda, but there were no extra printed copies for the audience. When pointed out we did not have copies, the person responsible apologized. And the few items on the agenda were read out loud to the attendees.

At the end of each board meeting we set aside time for members to speak on matters “not on the agenda”. During that time a member, Mr. Gentile, politely shared his views on the security issues, mentioned the petition that was then circulating and then asked the board how it would react if the petition is presented.

Mr. Gentile was told that since that issue (the petition) was not on the agenda the board could not discuss his question. In fact, this was about a week before the petition was even submitted to the Board.

Last, since it found its way into Ms. Knepper’s letter in the October 9 TWI as well, I guess it is time to dispel the claim previously made by Mr. Maynard that the recent Town Hall regarding security was not conducted in compliance with the Davis-Stirling Act. That is inaccurate.

The reality is that a meeting of the Association under Davis-Stirling is a term of art. It does not simply mean whenever members are at a meeting. A meeting of the Association under the law requires proper legal notice and a quorum.

Depending upon the issue, the lowest number for a quorum is 25%. There was no quorum at the Town Hall meeting nor would the notice to members have been sufficient. There was no violation of the law.

Perhaps I should have pointed this inaccuracy out to Mr. Maynard earlier. My bad. Especially since others are now simply relying on that inaccurate summary of the law.

We did not spend time arguing about the legality previously for a couple of reasons. First, my experience has been that Mr. Maynard does not readily accept being told he is wrong.

Second, and more importantly, because as a practical matter it does not matter. Though the meeting was handled in compliance with the law, it was obvious many members of the community were upset and want a different form of meeting and more interaction. Legal or not, it was an issue that needed to be addressed by the Board. With respect to the issues involving security, the Board has already set such a meeting for October 29, 2015.

Contrary to Mr. Maynard’s claims, I find this Board hard working, ethical, and committed to doing the right thing for the community. They are serious people trying to focus on serious issues.

Setting Record Straight

We are new residents, having moved here seven months ago. I am a retired (30 years) seasoned realtor and would like to set the record straight as far as ‘”values” and motorcycles.

As I understand it, this issue has been voted down several times yet still pops up under different guises — the idea that Lake Wildwood home values are lower than LOP because we do not allow motorcycles is ridiculous.

There is only one thing that determines real estate values — location, location and location. Period. End of story.

Lake Wildwood is a “better” value, as it is a bit off the beaten path — again Location.

Slowly it is being discovered and values will rise accordingly. Allowing noisy intrusive motorcycles will not enhance or help real estate values.

P.S. We love it here just as it is!

$1,000 Reward!!!

We were gone from Sept. 25 through Oct. 4 and arrived home to discover we had been burglarized. The sheriff is of the opinion that the burglar(s) knew of our travel plans — either from seeing us leave, or from Facebook photos (a mistake I will never make again!).

Our doors and windows were locked when we left and locked when we got home. So the thieves were very clever in finding a way to enter our home.

We believe they live in our community and may try to sell off our belongings locally. Please, if anyone has any information on the following items that will lead to their recovery or to the arrest of the creeps who did this, feel free to contact us for a $1,000 reward.

1. A two-week-old password-protected MacBook Air 13.3” laptop Serial #C1MPKNCJG940

2. 8 five-piece place settings plus serving pieces of Gorham sterling silver, Buttercup pattern

3. A family heirloom antique 14kt gold watch with 10 diamonds, Mathey Tiss brand

4. 2 unique Y-shape necklaces with colorful semi-precious stones

5. White and blue lapis necklace from Italy in a felt pouch

(The “Y” necklaces, watch and lapis necklace were from my mother, who passed away this year. Extremely sentimental items!)

6. Various other jewelry (necklaces and pendants in white gold with small diamonds)

If anyone has a “good deal” for you on anything listed, it’s probably stolen.

Unfortunately, these thieves stole not only from me but from my kids and grandkids, as some of these items were handed down in my family.

I’ve lived here for 38+ years and this is the first time anything like this has happened. I’m sick over it.

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