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Letters to the Editor

Staying the Course

Bravo to our Lake Wildwood Board of Directors for understanding and performing your duties and responsibilities to the Lake Wildwood community in a superb fashion.

Thank you for staying the course against the likes of Bumgarner, Maynard and associates — individuals who are committed to bringing dissent to our community. Mike, Betsy, Fred, Mark, Alice and Chris, I salute you. Please remain focused on addressing and solving current issues of greater concern and importance to our community.

And to those who have chosen to bring dissent to our community, look into the mirror and ask, “Why am I doing this?” Get a life.


Let’s suffice it to say that the current Lake Wildwood board is conducting business parallel to Washington, D.C.!!!

Just twist the facts, attack anyone that disagrees and mostly, don’t consider the people’s opinion or request to be heard!!!

Killing the Messengers?

If Members are unaware of the trouble we are facing in Wildwood, perhaps attending a few Board meetings will give you a clue. If you received the e-mail letter sent Members from the Board, it should be obvious that such an attack on Association members by the Board president and signed by all Board Members is unusual.

History reveals that the once powerful Greeks, who were unbeaten, began to lose battles. There had to be a reason. The Greek generals began to get messages from the front that battles were not going well, and the Romans were kicking the heck out of them.

They decided that they didn’t want any more bad news, so they started killing the messengers. The result was that they, indeed, received no more bad news, but they soon lost the entire war.

Our Board is fed up with being reminded of the trouble they find themselves in, and thus the solution is to “kill the messengers.” Bob Bumgarner and I have attempted to alter the Board’s plunge into financial problems but to no avail.

Like politicians, when they cannot dispute the facts, they attempt to destroy the messengers. That is because they are unwilling to address the truth.

Thank You, BoD!

Although I do not always agree with your decisions, I do appreciate your time, courage and dedication. If it were not for people like you, willing to give of themselves on boards and committees, communities like this could not exist.

Application for Variance?

I strenuously object to Mr. Bumgarner’s application for an individual variance from the Association’s CC&R motorcycle restriction.

I consider it to be a blatant abrogation and strongly urge you to deny it.

A Park for Dogs Next Door

At the time of writing this letter, I do not know the outcome of the vote to allow leashed dogs in Lake Wildwood parks. I DO know, however, about the wonderful facility for dogs and their smitten owners that is less than three miles away….the dog park at Western Gateway Park! The volunteer staff (along with a few paid park employees) has carved out a clean, spacious playground for the four-legged members of our families that is well-known in the area. I have spoken to dog owners who drive all the way from Nevada City to visit this gem of a dog park. There are four discrete areas to help separate small and shy dogs from their larger, more robust canine friends. In the back of the park is a fully-fenced open space, referred to as the Oak Grove, that has been left in its natural state….minus the poison oak, that is!

My husband and I have been gratified to see how our timid little dog has gained some much needed confidence by being able to play with other dogs her size. She has now become the “playground leader”! We have happily paid our membership dues of $10 per person/$15 per family as the park is NOT supported by the county through our taxes. In fact, without donations from people who enjoy taking their dogs to this wonderful facility, it will close. Please familiarize yourselves with this delightful park by going to their web site (http://westerngatewaydogpark.org/) or, even better, stop on by! You’ll be glad you did!

Wolf with the Hens

Paradise Found, Paradise Lost” is the scary feeling my husband and I have after hearing and then witnessing some of the irresponsible fiscal decisions of “the Board” of Lake Wildwood.

No one likes to be negative or a trouble maker. And the quiet beauty, security, and tranquil atmosphere here nourishes your spirit and appreciation for such a wonderful community.

However, there is “a wolf in the hen house!”

Unless more people throw off their cloak of apathy and pay attention to the fiscal irresponsibility of this current Board, and past Boards, your annual fees will increase at 20 percent a year. You will be burdened with continual annual assessments, to pay for an over-budget clubhouse and unfunded maintenance obligations.

Then your property values will plummet, as real estate sales drop, as the reputation and financial standing of Lake Wildwood is destroyed.

I realize we all have busy lives, jobs to go to, grandchildren to visit, trips to take. But more of us need to go to a few of those boring board meetings. You need to witness, the truth, along with the condescending responses of the board.

Such as, “well you can ask the question, but we don’t have to answer it;” or “well the person responsible for that, said they were sorry,” or the one I hear over and over again, “well those were unforeseen expenses!” Remember, “the agenda is set by those who show up.”

Don’t allow your way of life to be destroyed. Don’t allow one of your largest financial investments, your home, to be jeopardized.

The board has TWI and e-bits at its disposal, to disseminate their views on what has transpired. We need to participate, one board meeting a month, one evening to closely review their budget, one letter to the editor.

Or in six years your annual fee could be over $6-thousand, along with “their” additional annual assessments, which, as the board will tell you, they have the power to do that.

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