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Motorcycles — Truth Is So Important

I have been, for about 40 years, involved with street, and dirt, custom cars and motorcycles.

I grew up in the East Bay, and my friends and I would ride every other weekend or so. My riding mates included: doctors, lawyers, off duty lawmen, and every thing in between. We have been nearly life-long friends, who simply love to ride. Our numbers range from a few to as many as 30. We always ride with respect and enjoy sharing the road. Most wore ear plugs in order to just to ride next to one other.

It did not matter if we were idling or full-on throttle, the bikes were loud. Even if we wanted to be quiet, it was not going to happen. The people I have associated, and ridden with, come from “high end”to the “low end” neighborhoods. We are from many walks of life. We, like to enjoy each other, and our shared experiences.

I don’t think property values in Lake Wildwood are lower because motorcycles not aloud in the community.

There is a Motorcycle Club active in Lake Wildwood. I am personally very involved in different activity’s in both Grass Valley and Nevada City. In my experience, I’ve found many who like Lake Wildwood because of what it is and has to offer. Likewise, there are those that do not like Wildwood, and do not want to live here.

When I first moved here in the late 90s, people in Grass Valley and Nevada City, would, on occasion, refer to Wildwood as Wally-World, simply because it is a gated community.

I have never heard anyone outside the gates even mention the “No Motorcycle” policy or the “No dog in the Parks policy.”

Are property values lower in Lake Wildwood due to these issues? It is not proven so.

How many of you have been stopped at a stop light, and had a motorcycle stopped next to you, and when they pull away, even slowly then accelerate, the sound can be staggering.

Even when driving on the opposite side of the road, and motorcycles pass going the other direction it is very loud.

There has been a sound decibel law for motorcycles in California, for about 25 to 30 years. I don’t believe that law has never been enforced. Very few motorcycles have sound decreasing baffles in the exhaust system, or if they do are worn out. In fact, most enthusiasts add “custom pipes “ to their bikes to make them louder and at the same time faster and more powerful.

Lake Wildwood was designed to be calm or serene, and not affected by undo noise. That is why people are attracted to Wildwood.

Who would like to be having a nice meal, sitting on your deck, enjoying the evening, and listening to a motorcycle—or several motorcycles—driving down the street? Or, after just falling asleep, awakened by a passing motorcycle?

I assure you, you can hear a bike easily from a quarter of a mile to a mile away—make no mistake about that!

If motorcycles are allowed in Lake Wildwood, the noise will occur anytime of day or night. Living on the east side of the lake, or up on the hill on the east side, you can already hear a motorcycle, car and trucks truck crossing the bridge at the dam on Pleasant Valley Road. Do you think you won’t hear them on our streets, or driving past your house?

I have two motorcycles and enjoy them very much. That does not mean that I would like to be subjected to the noise they create 24 hours a day or even 12 hours a day. Would you ??

– If Motorcycles are allowed in Wildwood – You Will Have No Choice

– There Will Be Noise You Can “ Not “ Get Away From –

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