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Lecture set at Sierra College regarding drought’s affect on trees

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Jeff Lauder, A PhD candidate at UC Merced, is set to give a lecture Nov. 14 at Sierra College’s Nevada County Campus, according to a release.

The lecture, “Sierra Conifers and The Mega-Drought: How Do Trees Survive?” starts at 6 p.m. in the multipurpose center, room N12.

The California drought of 2012-2016 was more severe than any observed in the previous 500 years, leaving an estimated 100 million standing dead trees in the Sierra Nevada, particularly in the southern portion of the range according to the release.

Bark beetle outbreaks and intense drought represent both direct and interactive stresses to forest trees, but building defenses for one stress may not leave enough resources for defense against the other. So what strategies do trees use to survive, and can we manage to select for or improve success of these strategies?

In this presentation, Lauder is expected to discuss why understanding how trees die isn’t as simple as we would think, and how combining tree rings and forest inventories is showing us how individual wood cells can often tell us the story of how each tree lived or died in response to one of the largest tree mortality events in recent memory, and perhaps what we can do to help.

Source: Sierra Streams Institute

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