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Learn about Black Rail birds in Sierra Nevada foothills

Submitted by Jane Hall

The June 7 meeting of the Sierra Foothills Audubon Society will focus on the elusive Black Rail bird in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. The summer of 2018 will mark the 17th consecutive year of monitoring Black Rails. This population is one of three remaining in California and has weathered drought, wildfires, disease, and dynamic habitat patches in a working landscape. Sean Peterson, who has been studying birds for over a decade, will give a presentation on what has been learned about Black Rails over the past 17 years. Discussion includes changes in occupancy over time, population dynamics, habitat associations and what to expect in the future given current trends. Peterson received his master’s degree from the University of Minnesota in 2014 for a study on the spatial ecology of Golden-winged Warblers. In 2015, he joined Dr. Steven Beissinger’s lab at the University of California, Berkeley, focusing on the spatial ecology and occupancy of Black and Virginia Rails in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. on June 7 in the community room at Madelyn Helling Library in Nevada City.

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