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League of Women Voters – Proposition 52



Initiative Statute


Should legally eligible California residents presenting proof of current residence be allowed to register to vote on Election Day?


Eligible California citizens must be registered 15 or more days before an election in order to vote in that election.. Currently, no proof of current residence is required to register to vote.


Citizens registering on or after the 28th day before an election must do so at the county election office or at a polling place on Election Day. Local election officials must provide a separate area and at least one trained staff member at each polling place for election day voter registration. Conspiracy to commit voter fraud would become a new criminal offense and penalties for voter fraud would double.


Annual state costs of about $6 million to fund counties for Election Day voter registration activities.

A YES VOTE means that eligible California residents could register and then vote on Election Day provided they showed their drivers’ licenses or two other pieces of verification.

A NO VOTE means that the present system, whereby a California resident must have registered 15 days prior to the election in order to vote on Election Day, will continue.


— Every California citizen who is legally eligible should be able to vote on Election Day.

— Proposition 52 provides new safeguards against fraud by doubling the penalties for voting illegally and by making conspiracy to commit voter fraud a felony.

— The six states allowing Election Day registration have 3-6% greater voter turnout compared with California.


— Proposition 52 allows a person to register on Election Day and cast a ballot without showing a photo ID or other official government ID.

— The dangers of fraud in Election Day registration are too great a risk in a state the size of California.

— Forty-four states, including those close to California in size, do not allow Election Day registration.

For more information:

Supporters: Californians for Election Day Registration, (916) 443-7011, http://www.electiondayreg.com

Opponents: Citizens and Law Enforcement Against Election Fraud, (916) 444-1502, http://www.stopvotefraud.com

League of women voters

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