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League of Women Voters – Proposition 49


Initiative Statute


Should the Before- and After-School Learning and Safe Neighborhoods Partnership Program be renamed to the After-School Education and Safety Program and starting in 2004-05 should the funding be substantially increased, and funds permanently earmarked for this program?


The state currently funds competitive grants for the Before- and After- School Learning and Safe Neighborhoods Partnership program for pupils in public elementary, middle, and junior high schools. In 2001-02, $95.3 million was spent with a local match required. The state also provides other opportunities for instruction beyond the regular school year. To this end, approximately $475 million was spent with no match required. In addition, the State and Federal government provide a total of $215 million for several programs before and after school (after school care, mentor programs, crime prevention, and college outreach).


Beginning in 2004-05, Proposition 49 requires a specific spending level each year for the renamed After-School Education and Safety Program. The annual amount would be $550 million, based on Legislative Analyst’s estimates on growth in General Fund spending. The measure specifies that funding for the program would be appropriated automatically each year without further legislative action and could not be amended by the Legislature. The measure also establishes new funding priorities. The first priority is to continue funding schools that received a state before or after school grant in 2003-04 at the equivalent level in 2004-05 and each subsequent year. The second priority is to make every elementary, middle, and junior high school eligible to receive a new After School Education and Safety Universal Grant. The maximum amount each school would receive is lower than the current program and local matches are still required.


Additional per year costs are expected to reach the automatically appropriated $550 million in 2004-05. This is about $455 million above the program funding level in 2001-02.

A YES VOTE means the funding be substantially increased, and funds permanently earmarked for the before and after school program.

A NO VOTE means the funding not be substantially increased, and funds should not be permanently earmarked for the before and after-school program.


— After school programs will actually save the taxpayers money by reducing juvenile crime.

— Before and after school programs have been shown to improve students’ grades.

— Will save taxpayers $3 dollars for every $1 invested through reduced costs for juvenile crime, grade retention and remedial education.


— While this is a noble use of the state budget, it disregards principles of good government by earmarking funds, reducing government’s flexibility.

— It sets a single school program apart from all other needs funded by your tax dollars.

— It requires matching funds from the school district and poor schools are less likely to be able to provide these funds.

For more information:

Supporters: Citizens for After School Programs, (310) 664-9120, http://www.joinarnold.com

Opponents: League of Women Voters of California, (916) 442-3236,

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