Lather in Lake of the Pines features photo booth, pop-up space |

Lather in Lake of the Pines features photo booth, pop-up space

Krystal Keller found her calling pretty early on.

"I got my first round brush in someone's hair when I was 5," she laughed.

Keller took a few detours along the way, having three children by the time she was 20 and working at a bank until she became financially independent.

But she always knew what she wanted — and in January opened her own full-service beauty salon, Lather Aesthetics, in Lake of the Pines.

"I have wanted to do this, and have been doing this, since I was 5," Keller said. "It's art to me."

Keller worked at a bank for six years and bought her own house at 25. Then, she said, "I decided to do what I truly loved."

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So she went back to school, getting her cosmetology license and eventually going to work at Blondies salon in Grass Valley about three years go.

After she moved to Lake of the Pines a year and a half ago, Keller spotted an empty storefront.

"It kept poking at me," she said of the space.

Keller crunched the numbers and decided she could make a go of it on her own, completely remodeling the space and opening her doors less than three weeks ago.

"I always had that push and that drive," she said. "I knew what I wanted, and I stayed very determined and motivated."

Keller is showing off her new space this Saturday with a grand opening gala that will offer not just a traditional champagne toast, but also a raffle drawing and swag for the first 20 guests, as well as tarot readings, brow waxings and make-up application and selfie assistance in the salon's "photoshop" room outfitted for taking before-and-after photos of your new look.

Lather is a full-service hair, skin and nail salon, offering everything from balayage and undercuts to facials and waxing. Keller currently has two estheticians in place and will have two nail technicians on board by the end of March. Keller highlighted her use of Kevin Murphy products, which are 100 percent vegan.

"I think we have to do as much as we can to protect what we live on," she said. "We can't be 100 percent eco-friendly but we're definitely eco-conscious."

Lather will have a separate space that Keller will rent by the day as a "pop-up shop," so vendors can either present their goods or perform their service on various days of the week or month.

"The pop-up is a really cool thing, where anyone without a sales platform — maybe they're selling LuLaRoe (leggings) or jewelry, do mobile tanning — anything they want to put in front of people, they can rent the space," Keller said. "It's here today, gone tomorrow. It gives people a sense of urgency to buy because you don't know when they are going to come back. And it never feels stale, there's always something new and unique."

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Know & Go

What: Lather Aesthetics grand opening gala

When: 4 p.m. Saturday

Where: 10934 Combie Road, Suite 120, Lake of the Pines

For info: Call 530-557-5004 or go to

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