Lake Wildwood Board responds to critics |

Lake Wildwood Board responds to critics

We are writing both as members of the current Board of Directors and also as members of this community who feel very strongly about what makes Lake Wildwood a special place to live and to raise our families. We recognize that dissent and disagreement are common among people who care deeply about our community and want to ensure that open dialogue continues, but we have grown increasingly concerned by the positions taken and by the tone of the advocacy of Robert Bumgarner and Byron Maynard. We can’t speak for all previous Boards, but the last few Boards have been under a constant onslaught from Mr. Maynard and Mr. Bumgarner.

The current Board has been in existence for a little over two months, has made no major decisions during its short tenure, and yet the Board is already being called out as liars. The Board has historically tried to take the high road and stay focused on the issues, and yet new lows were reached by these two gentlemen in the most recent edition of TWI, necessitating a response by us as current Board members.

Messrs. Maynard and Bumgarner have been working behind the scenes on most of the same issues for over a year. Those issues include allegations that previous Boards knowingly misstated the cost of the new clubhouse, that the vote on the clubhouse was improper, that our financial disclosures are inappropriate, and that we are not properly managing our reserves.

The Board has treated Mr. Maynard and Mr. Bumgarner with the utmost respect in the sense that we have met with them on several occasions and spent countless hours attempting to understand and answer their concerns. We spent time and money sharing their concerns with our accountants, our well-respected Reserve Specialist, and our attorneys. But to no avail. The outcome is always the same. They turn a deaf ear to the Board’s efforts at communication and explanation. In other words it is “Their way or the highway”. No matter how many experts review their claims, it simply does not matter. They have been equally clear that if the Board does not give them what they want, they will rally the troops against the Board.

The most recent meeting to which they refer was actually part of an IDR (Internal Dispute Resolution) which is an informal complaint resolution procedure that is designed by California law to resolve owner disputes without the necessity of lawyers or the associated expenses. The IDR process here started with a letter from Messrs. Maynard’s and Bumgarner’s attorney demanding a meeting to help resolve their issues short of litigation. A lengthy meeting took place. Our attorney was called upon to review all of the allegations and has provided them a written response.

The Board takes all of its financial obligations quite seriously. We are represented by one of the top law firms in the state with respect to HOA issues. We relied upon one of the top Reserve Specialists in the nation in reviewing our practices on reserves, and we rely upon a highly respected accounting firm that recently completed an audit of our finances without any qualifications regarding the financial condition of the Association. Despite these expert reviews, Messrs. Maynard and Bumgarner rehash old issues and call into question the integrity and actions of previous Boards, while themselves continually making misleading allegations. Now, in response to Mr. Maynard’s and Mr. Bumgarner’s misstatements in the last edition of TWI, the Board has simply directed the General Manager to post on the Association website both the IDR letter from their attorney and our response, so that members who want more details may review these at their leisure. We decline the invitation to prolong these arguments by rehashing things in TWI.

Because the various ongoing and repetitious complaints from Messrs. Maynard and Bumgarner frequently threaten litigation, many hours of staff, Board and legal time have been devoted to the Association’s responses. If these two dissident members ultimately bring suit, the Board wants to assure the membership that we will seek to recover compensation for all of the Association’s expenses and consequential damages resulting from that litigation, and the extended run-up to it.

We agree with Messrs. Maynard and Bumgarner that our wonderful community is facing some serious issues. That is true of any community. The Board believes its efforts should remain focused on those current issues and not on issues long ago addressed.


Mike Rodriguez, Betsy Ballard, Fred Peterson, Mark Bailey, Alice Siudzinski & Chris Martin

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