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Kucinich’s boosters rally for clout

Dennis Kucinich for President supporters were out showing their colors Saturday in the Brunswick Basin. The group used the Burma Shave approach to get their message out – setting up 10 signs in a row next to Sutton Way, emblazoned with Kucinich’s 10 points:

1. Universal Health Care with a Single Payer Plan

2. Full Social Security Benefits at Age 65

3. Withdrawal from NAFTA and WTO

4. Repeal of the “Patriot Act”

5. Right-to-Choose, Privacy, and Civil Rights

6. Balance Between Workers and Corporations

7. Guaranteed Quality Education, Pre-K through College

8. A Renewed Commitment to Peace and Diplomacy

9. Restored Rural Communities and Family Farms

10. Environmental Renewal and Clean Energy

Kucinich supporter Steve Weiss said that while supporters aren’t giving up on their man’s chances for the Democratic nomination for president, they want to gather as much support as possible so he can be a force at the party’s convention.

“What we want to do is get him as many delegates as possible,” Weiss said. “It looks like it’s going to be a brokered convention. There hasn’t been one in 40 years.”

What Kucinich supporters want to see is the Democrat nominee use some of Kucinich’s 10 points in the party’s platform.

“We’d like to get a progressive note in the platform,” Weiss said. “We’re hoping for the best, and we’re looking for some delegates.”

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