Knowledgeable cooperation needed to build our community |

Knowledgeable cooperation needed to build our community

Regarding editor Jeff Pelline’s column titled “Let’s work together to manage growth,” I say, yes, let’s work together but, in doing so, one must have the experience that will make Grass Valley a robust, great community 100 years from now.

The statement in his column about “not seeing any Trump-like developers around here – though one guy who zooms around in his jet seems a bit out of touch,” etc., is a smart -allec remark showing you are uninformed on developments and personalities.

Look at Wolf Creek Village – and now that you made me bring it up – Loma Rica Ranch Development is also not well planned. We don’t need an English consultant telling Americans how to develop. Have you ever been to London? The planning is awful.

As for the developer who zooms around in his jet, you definitely do not know him. He is probably the most considerate, compassionate man you would want to know and a handshake is as good as a written contract. His knowledge of what is best for a community with land is very high. Maybe you should look to the city planners, development division and city councils for people who just don’t get it and are out of touch.

The Rural Quality Coalition, Citizens Concerned About Traffic and Sierra Club represent only about 5 percent of the residents. What about the other 95 percent who really work for a living?

Grass Valley will never amount to anything unless there is a lot more knowledgeable cooperation in the future. I have over 60 years in this business, so don’t think I am not up to par in knowing good development from bad.

Louis A. Conter

Grass Valley

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